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Meet the Archer, the Immortal Redneck marksman

Meet the Archer, the Immortal Redneck marksman

21 hours ago News 1 comment

We already have shown you the Warrior, a melee enemy, so now it's time for-AAAGH, what the hell was that!? Oh, an arrow to the knee. So original... Stupid...

Through The Arcades – Direct Exposure

Through The Arcades – Direct Exposure

2 days ago News 0 comments

Welcome to the second issue of Through The Arcades. After last week's first edition, we take it you are well informed about this brand new article series...

Aces Vs Aliens, just released by Stressed Ape
Aces Vs Aliens

Aces Vs Aliens, just released by Stressed Ape

2 days ago Aces Vs Aliens 0 comments

Fly your state of the art jet fighter into the big blue and bring an alien invasion to its knees in this next-generation top down/isometric air combat...

Game Mechanics - Nearing completion

Game Mechanics - Nearing completion

4 days ago MoltenFury 0 comments

After over a year of development, working on the small details on how things move, fly, crash, fire weapons etc... The AI in my game is finally becoming...

Disquest - Level design

Disquest - Level design

4 days ago News 0 comments

My approach to design Disquest levels: 1 level, 2 ways to complete it.

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demonsoftware Nov 26 2015 says:

Hi im a solo guy who has finally finished his first game and would really love feedback.

I spent over 2,000 hours or more on this game and my dream is to get people to play what ive created and hope they will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.


Drop Blast is an Arcade RPG brick breaker game which you use a pad along with a ball to destroy blocks. Drop Blast offers a twist that offers altering game play choices as you progress throughout the worlds, unlocking new passives to wreak more havoc in fun ways!


•Obstacles: Levels throughout Drop Blast will be generated to amp up the difficulty for each map such as the moving platforms that will collide with your ball, or having to maneuver the ball to hit a switch before you can continue destroying the blocks!

•5 Worlds: Each world has a unique 20 levels with their own background settings. Levels through the 5 different sector's all come with different challenges and unique obstacles!

•Level Up!: While progressing via each level, you will be collecting experience to gain access to high tier abilities that will aid you in your conquest.

•Skill Tree: Gain talents that will alter the game play once unlocked, such as raining fire balls, or maybe using the powerful splash damage with critical hit to make additional balls on the screen! There's many different upgrades, some locked until certain achievements have been completed.

•Freedom Pad: Unlike other titles for brick breakers, Drop Blast allows the user to utilize the positioning of where you get to move the pad without any restrictions, as you will need it.

•Game Modes:

•Classic Mode: Travel to 5 different worlds, each having their own unique 20 levels bringing classic mode to have 100 playable maps!

•Action Mode: Unlocks once you've completed the game, you can then test your might with 6 different mini games to alter the game play experience off the bat for instance-

•Speed Ball Game Mode: Makes your ball under a constant effect of 2x movement speed throughout your playing session.

•Don't Drop The Balls: Quick reflexes required as you the player will have to keep two balls alive at all costs throughout your playing session.

•Survival Mode: There's two unique game modes that are unlocked after completion of Classic Mode that features a brick breaker Survival Tetris. As well as an Endless Mode for those wanting to see how long they can go for.. until they perish. This game has unique and unlock-able achievements.
playable demo

screen shots

game play trailer


BUY FULL VERSION HERE Demonsoftware.itch.io

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SeasideDigitalArts Nov 19 2015 says:

Hello Unity Devs!!

We are very close to finish our Unity game, please take a look and let us know what do you think:


Also, if you like it, you can vote on Steam Greenlight:


Any comments/ideas are welcome, thank you! :)

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sean4d Nov 18 2015 says:

Hey fellow Unity Devs!

I am currently creating my first game on Unity5, it's been in development for a long time, progress is slow due to school. The game is called "The Final Roses : Shadows of Destruction", which is planned to be an episodic adventure horror game. If you'd like to see, here is the link for more details - Slidedb.com

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Ironiawn Nov 15 2015 says:


I'm currently developing an game called "InLich" and it will be an survival horror game.
I've posted two videos containing gameplays and some images in the game page.

Game : www.slidedb.com/games/inlich

Please, visit game page for details!
Thank you for reading this and sorry for bad english (I'm sending this via Android) , hah =D

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nuketf Nov 12 2015 says:

i just finished my first real game using unity!


its not that much..hope people like it!

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M0nkey80ne5 Nov 12 2015 says:

Hello everyone!

My name is Nick and I'm working on my first game in Unity and I'd like to share it with all of you. It's called Orb of Wonders and it is a pretty simple 2D Platformer with some RPG elements. Right now it is still in it's early stages of development, but I plan on having a demo ready sometime soon.

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

Orb of Wonders on Slidedb.com

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RenatoAruffo Oct 31 2015 says:

Hey all, I made this mini horror game in Unity 5.2 called "Eleanor's Stairway Playable Teaser", it is a small side project as a study for graphics and ideas.

The scene got 1st on a Halloween contest on SketchFab, so after the contest I started to add more events and effects around the scene in Unity.

I was very inspired on P.T. and the base story was based on Eleanort Rigby song, from Beatles.


Hope you like it. :)

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gotestify Oct 28 2015 says:

Hi everyone,

We have just released our startup, Testify. A unique playtesting platform that allows you to create structured playtests for your game testers and store the data findings within a centralised platform.

We're looking for feedback from Unity Indie developers interested in improving their playtesting through our FREE platform. All we ask for is your honest feedback, comments and suggestions.

Find out more at www.gotestify.com

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WatsonLS Oct 15 2015 says:

how do i join?

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NathanGroovy Oct 12 2015 says:

Hi everybody, thanks for letting me into the Group. I have been working on a game in Unity for almost 2 years called Groovy Invaders, a crazy 2D
Arcade Space Shooter. I just made a brand new demo for the game, and made it downloadable on my IndieDB page, Check it out:


We can also use support on Steam Greenlight! We can use all the votes we
can get.


Also check out our Facebook and Twitter pages:




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