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12 orbits - Coming soon

12 orbits - Coming soon

12 orbits 0 comments

12 orbits is the only game for up to 12 players at once, no matter what you play on. All you need is a single keyboard, tablet, gamepad, or even smartphone...

Plick, an addictive game for Android

Plick, an addictive game for Android

Plick 0 comments

Plick is an addictive arcade game for mobile. Tap the bubbles before they touch each other!

Crossing Skies[Pre-Release]

Crossing Skies[Pre-Release]

Crossing Skies 0 comments

Hello :) I'm making this game awhile now .I'ts my first game and was made just by one guy.Im very proud of it and I'm going to release it in the google...

Cyber Sentinel in Build A Greenlight Bundle

Cyber Sentinel in Build A Greenlight Bundle

Cyber Sentinel 0 comments

Big surprise for everyone waiting for Cyber Sentinel - you can buy and download it early DRM-free and then get free Steam Key!

FREE WEEK END and Map Browser preview!

FREE WEEK END and Map Browser preview!

Gearscape 0 comments

OGAT is 3 years old! Free Premium weekend for everybody. Check it out the latest new about the incoming in-game Map Browser system.

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Hi everyone!
I've created an new online FPS game called "InEnemy Sight".
The game have cool features and you can give suggestions to get a even better game =D

Three modes are available to play : Free For All, Team Deathmatch and Darkness!
The next feature for the game that I'm planning to add in the next update is the difficulty and zombies for Darkness game mode.

See the game and get more information at : Slidedb.com

The game are available for Windows platform.
Thank you =D

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Hello everyone!

I'm creating a game called Crossing Skies on Unity and it's my first game.If you like infinite runners and collectible games check it out :)! - Slidedb.com

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If i download the personal edition, am i allowed to use it for commercial purposes with a small team of around up to 5 people?

If not, does it apply for the older Unity builds (4.x.x)?

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You can use any version of Unity free with how many people you want as long as your team/studio/company doesn't earn $100,000 or more. Once you earn that sum, you have to buy the Pro edition.

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Preciso de um modelador, animador, texturizador e um músico para me ajudar com um projeto Dungeon Crawler, Hack & Slash. Se quiser saber mais mande um e-mail para gousenfire@gmail.com

PS: A intenção e ganhar dinheiro com o projeto e transformar a equipe em uma empresa futuramente. O projeto já está com a mecânica quase pronta o que está faltando mesmo é a arte e o som.

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Can somebody become my programmer in our game? Its a stealth coop game. Ill send anyone interested more
Details and the design doc with a storyline. Email me at reynquicho28@gmail.com . Its a long term game so im looking for someone who can work for our team for quite some time. I cant promise money but i will share whatever i earn.

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I really always wanted make a good game but I can't

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Yes you can! Just begin with something, and go from there. If it doesn't work out, it is only experience. :D We've all been there before we took the step...

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Hi guys,

Since April 2014 I've been developing my game CyberSentinel - puzzle game with programming mechanics based on Alan Turing state machine. I twas initially done for CyberPunk Jam. In this game you take the role of a hacker in not so distant future. Your task is to steal corporate data by making viruses.

I would really appreciate your support on Steam Greenlight. There are also demo versions to download and play for PC, Mac, Linux and Android in 8 languages:


You can also visit project facebook and homepage:

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Hi im a solo guy who has finally finished his first game and would really love feedback.

I spent over 2,000 hours or more on this game and my dream is to get people to play what ive created and hope they will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.


Drop Blast is an Arcade RPG brick breaker game which you use a pad along with a ball to destroy blocks. Drop Blast offers a twist that offers altering game play choices as you progress throughout the worlds, unlocking new passives to wreak more havoc in fun ways!


•Obstacles: Levels throughout Drop Blast will be generated to amp up the difficulty for each map such as the moving platforms that will collide with your ball, or having to maneuver the ball to hit a switch before you can continue destroying the blocks!

•5 Worlds: Each world has a unique 20 levels with their own background settings. Levels through the 5 different sector's all come with different challenges and unique obstacles!

•Level Up!: While progressing via each level, you will be collecting experience to gain access to high tier abilities that will aid you in your conquest.

•Skill Tree: Gain talents that will alter the game play once unlocked, such as raining fire balls, or maybe using the powerful splash damage with critical hit to make additional balls on the screen! There's many different upgrades, some locked until certain achievements have been completed.

•Freedom Pad: Unlike other titles for brick breakers, Drop Blast allows the user to utilize the positioning of where you get to move the pad without any restrictions, as you will need it.

•Game Modes:

•Classic Mode: Travel to 5 different worlds, each having their own unique 20 levels bringing classic mode to have 100 playable maps!

•Action Mode: Unlocks once you've completed the game, you can then test your might with 6 different mini games to alter the game play experience off the bat for instance-

•Speed Ball Game Mode: Makes your ball under a constant effect of 2x movement speed throughout your playing session.

•Don't Drop The Balls: Quick reflexes required as you the player will have to keep two balls alive at all costs throughout your playing session.

•Survival Mode: There's two unique game modes that are unlocked after completion of Classic Mode that features a brick breaker Survival Tetris. As well as an Endless Mode for those wanting to see how long they can go for.. until they perish. This game has unique and unlock-able achievements.
playable demo

screen shots

game play trailer


BUY FULL VERSION HERE Demonsoftware.itch.io

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