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Dev Diary: Madness and Levels

Dev Diary: Madness and Levels

Sine Requie: Snake Eyes

​In "Sine Requie: Snake Eyes" you'll have to pay close attention to the Mental Sanity of your characters given how stress, shocking experiences and...

To The UltraViolet : Launching iOS version

To The UltraViolet : Launching iOS version

To The UltraViolet

A new platformer is available in Beta on iOS!

Updated the combat system

Updated the combat system


Three years of game development. The main goal is to make an interesting, bloody battle. And it's not easy, the more clicks, the more punches, no. The...

Digger 2 is released on mobile!

Digger 2 is released on mobile!

Digger Machine 2

After about 1.5 years of intensive work, we finally release Digger 2 on iOS and Android!

February update: Another bite of the elephant

February update: Another bite of the elephant


I'm always told this saying: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The same goes for Game Dev I guess...

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Hello Unity developers please leave **** facebook! If I don't buy for Unity Pro if you use Facebook connection. Because Mark Zuckerberg is big **** liar and makes bad to whole world.

Please supervise that
Facebook can do that:
-> hurt birthdays, celebrations, marriages, congratulations
-> let burials in public if who hurts death
-> Scan to relationships!
-> Meet wrong place where do they go to disco or festivals etc.. If they don't exist..
-> Make wrong profiles ( Fake users )
-> Give dangerous suicides ( If who gives bad call than user goes to rail and train overrides him/her. )
-> And more bad things.

That is why - I need give "PLEASE" Unity developers should to LEAVE from FACEBOOK.

Please believe me! I really want help you because Facebook makes sick world.

Promise me! Please leave Facebook now! If you don't leave than I will build hidden kicker again Facebook-Connector.

Please believe me! I want help you. Thanks! If you leave serious Facebook than I will buy Unity Pro. Do you promise that?

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Hello folks!
We used Unity, Blender, Substance to create assets and a game for the HTC Vive. Love the engine, although we wished there was a possibility to stack prefabs inside prefabs :)

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Hey i am a hobby 3d Artist and looking to help some GERMAN speaking indie devs,becouse my english is not the best at all, so if you need help with your project send me a PM..

hey ich bin ein hobby 3d Artist und suche leute mit denen ich zusammen arbeiten kann, wenn du hilfe bei deinem spiel brauchst in sachen 3d modele / animation / textur schreib mir einfach.

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Hey everyone. Id love to help develop a story and concept for a Horror game.
I have played a mixture of Horrors, so I know how it works.

Please contact me here. thank you.

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Hello! I work alone on 3571 The Game since 2012, which comes along with a soundtrack, films, and a huge black and white comic trilogy. Zombies, droids, mutant monsters, dragons, swords and spaceships: Welcome to the most crazy apocalyspe ever!

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Hi to everyone, we have an indie video game of horror
let me you feedback

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Hi, I just started Up my game and developer pages. I am a student that is about to go into my 2nd year of game design and production, check out my page here

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Hey guys, my team and i have just pushed up a new FPS game. Would love you to give it a go. Made in unity and has been network coded to work online (if we had servers but lan will work) :DD

Check us out here on Indie DB

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Hello fellow developers!
I am a college student who uses Unity engine to make extra earnings.
I would appreciate if i become a member of this lovely group.
I love Unity!

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Hello guys, is it for C# Languages? Only GTK and

I really want get support for my own development with alternative of sledge editor and half-life under C# I am working frist alternative of sledge editor ( But it looks like very close to J.A.C.K. with important texture- and model-editor

J.A.C.K. + Khed + Half-Life Tool ( Wad and spr generator ) = my own editor. I already write but I search for "window embeds contain" ( Like MDI-Window into MDI-Canvas )

Thanks for help!

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