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Lunammoc Studios- VR Game needs YOU (3D Modeler/Artist)

Anywhere [PAID] Lunammoc Studios

Art Director

Anywhere [PAID] juncture media

3D Artist Charc Ani & Enviro/Level Artist and Multiplayer Network Engineers Need

Pref Atlanta, GA or USA ONLY [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC

Game menu and GUI artist for a 3D game (freelance)

Anywhere [PAID] Fare.is.Fare

Game Developers, All Types Jobs Open

Atlanta, GA, USA, Preferred but open to other locals [PAID] Masondogg Studios, LLC

Funded Startup Looking for Exceptional Talent!

Anywhere [PAID] Upcoming Studio

Programmer - C++

Brisbane, Australia [PAID] Impossible Pinwheel

Programmer for 2D mini games

Anywhere [PAID] analog digital

Need playtesters, will pay $10 - $15, anybody is qualified

Online Toolkitz

Looking for multiple level designers! ~ Single player open world story based RPG

Anywhere Green Thumb Studios

[ROYALTIES] Rustic Bread Studios Looking For Multiple Roles

Anywhere Rustic Bread Studios

Small Team looking for 3d modeler/animator

Anywhere Anywhere

Concept Artists, 3D Artists and Level Designers for UE4 FPS

Home Hobby Game


Anywhere Bluemoo Studios

2D Artist for mobile. [ Any prof level ] ( Payment/Share negotiable )

Anywhere Honey Ant Studio

UE4 Blueprint Programmer, Modeler, Level Designer, Voice Actor M and F


Need all talent for a small game every 10 days

Anywhere Anywhere

Environment Artist

Anywhere Bluemoo Studios Limited


Anywhere Startup Indie Group

AI programmer, event trigger/functional programmer, 3d animator/character design

Anywhere Dragon's eye entertainment

Lead Project Manager

Anywhere Project Necrofection

Sprite Arist

Anywhere 16 bit sprite artists

(rev-share) Multiple positions to fill for a new esports oriented fps

Anywhere Anywhere

2d (Sprite) Artist Needed [Rev-Share]

Anywhere McSwine.com

Sprite and Texture Artist

Anywhere, preferably Eastern Time (ET) Dolphin Friendly Games

Last Call - Higher Grounds Development Team

Anywhere Anywhere

Scene Designer with cut of profits!

Anywhere Box Turtle Enterprises

I need your knowledge!!

Anywhere Anywhere

Indie developer and 3D artist needed !! (Royalty)

Anywhere Indie developer+3D artist

App Developer

Anywhere Group of Investors

Team Manager OR team (For investment relations)

Anywhere Potential investors

Getting a team together to work on Original OpenWorld Game

Anywhere Cursed Shadow Studios

Need aspiring 3D modelers/animators and a level designer

Anywhere 3D modeling/animating and level designer

Concept Artist wanted for Mech Game

Skype Anywhere

Looking for 1-2 programmers and an 2D artist [Royalty]

Anywhere Multiverse games

World Map Designer

Anywhere Legends from Necrofection

3d modeler / character artist

Anywhere Ravanna Studios

Concept Artist

Anywhere Legends from Necrofection

Various Positions Open For Debut Game!

Anywhere Higher Grounds Games Studio

Starting a Dev Team

Skype Anywhere

Natures Wanderer looking for story writers! No previous experience required. ~ S

Anywhere Green Thumb Studios


Anywhere Anywhere

Associate producer

Anywhere Terahard Ltd

3D Animator

Anywhere Slab Of Beef Productions

Creative Designer

Anywhere LR Studios

*Seeking Artist, Graphic Artist, Unity Designer*

Anywhere FolkloreGames

[Rev-share] Seeking 3D Artists, C# Coders, Sound Engineer

Anywhere Starboard Games LLC

[Long Term Project] "GTA-Clone" (Unpaid)

Skype Simple Minded Games

[duplicate] Programmers, Level Designers and Artists for the Purple Lagoon

Anywhere Purple Lagoon Studios

Lead Programmer for 3D Dungeon Adventure Game

Anywhere Steel Fenix

Developer looking for multiple 3D artists

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Character Artist [ Royalty ]

Anywhere Pandagon Studios Inc.

3D Artist [ Royalty ]

Anywhere Pandagon Studios Inc.

Blueprint/ C++ Programmer [ Royalty ]

Anywhere Pandagon Studios Inc.

[Rev-Share] looking for animator Life+Farming simulation game

Anywhere illustration

Building a Team

Anywhere Triad-7 Games

Team Building

Anywhere ZXlinkstudio

StarCraft II Map Editor Needed

Anywhere Anywhere

[Deferred salary + equity] Unity Engineer

Anywhere Zero Mass Energy

Hiring Skilled Individual For Marketing

Anywhere Double Blubber Games

Pixel Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking For Programmer

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Help wanted for 3D action-packed fantasy RPG

Anywhere Onami

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