8-Bit RPG Game for IOS

Anywhere [PAID] Anywhere

Looking for Engine Developers/C++ Programmers

Anywhere Trinity Software, LLC

Modelers, Animators and any Artists wanted for a Sonic Adventure fangame

Anywhere Anywhere

Concept Artists needed!

Anywhere Sweet Studios

Strategic War Game Looking for Concept; 3d Char & Creature; Artists

Anywhere Treth Studios

[Rev-Share] 2D Artist

Anywhere SETENTIA studios

SFX & Music Producer for a mobile game

Anywhere Anywhere

Graphic Designer / Parallax Mapper - RPG VX ACE

Anywhere Echo Vision Studios

Art Ink Studios seeks 3D Environment Artist

Anywhere Anywhere

[Hobby/ Rev Share] Ark Ink. Studios Seeks 3D Environment Artist

Anywhere Art Ink. Studios

Turmoil Studios seeking C# Programmer & 3D Animator

Anywhere Turmoil Studios

Looking for a sketcher/drawing

Anywhere Sketch Wars

[REV-SHARE] 2nd Programmer-Animator Needed for Digital TCG

Anywhere Anywhere

Turmoil Studios seeking C# Programmer & 3D Animator

Anywhere Turmoil Studios

Unwritten RPG needs: Pixel artists, Animators, Illustrators and Sound Designers

Anywhere Anywhere


Anywhere Anywhere

Character Modeler

Anywhere Dormant Studios

Top down arcade styled arena game ~ Looking for C# Programmers to assist on syst

Anywhere Green Thumb Studios

Level Designer

Anywhere Anywhere

Unity or HTML and JS programmer

Anywhere Riddel TM

Voice Parts

Anywhere Echo Vision Studio

2D Game Artist for retro styled game like Dwarf Fortress

Anywhere Anywhere

Game developer for retro styled game

Anywhere Anywhere

Character animator/modeller for prototype/demo for innovative 3D action game

Anywhere Candescent Blade Games

Horror Game Needing Programmers

Anywhere Anywhere


Anywhere Programmers

Spider-Man UE4 Animator Needed

Anywhere (Must have either Facebook, Skype, Discord) Greenview Interactive

Content Designer, Programmers, Animators, Any Positions

Anywhere WizardWorkShop Inc.

Environment World Artist

Mannheim Anywhere

[Rev-Share] Skilled Programmer needed for 3D Tabletop games on Steam

Anywhere Serpent Entertainment

Looking for level designers! For Open World Story Based RPG ~ Natures Wanderer!

Anywhere Green Thumb Studios

Looking For Helpers

Anywhere Anywhere

Level Designers Needed!

Anywhere Sweet Studios

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