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Stormy Peak Entertainment is recruiting talent!

Anywhere [PAID] Stormy Peak Entertainment

Game developer

Anywhere [PAID] ArtDream.Studios

2D Pixel Artist wanted. Share Based

UK Lindian Software Ltd

Scripter and 2d artist needed!

Anywhere AMaM team

[Unity Programmer] Multiplayer Open World Game

North America Anywhere


Anywhere AAnywhere

Programmer Needed

USA Ughsmash Games, LLC

3D Artist

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Celtic Dragon Studio Looking for Animator

Anywhere/Ireland/Skype Celtic Dragon Studio

Celtic Dragon Studio Looking for 3D Modeler

Anywhere/Ireland/Skype Celtic Dragon Studio

[UnPaid/ RevShare] Pixel art artist

Anywhere Anywhere

UE4 Level Designer

Anywhere Anywhere

3D Character Modeler

Anywhere Bunbuns Gaming

Looking For Character and Level Modeler

North America (Preferably) Anywhere

Voice Actors for a horror game/ translators

Anywhere By Chance Studios


Anywhere/ GERMANY RedRainGames

Map Maker for Midgard

Canada Ontario Anywhere

« Ethereal Creatures » Looking for artist!

Anywhere Anywhere

Looking for composers and pixel artists/animators

Anywhere Anywhere

General Developer

Anywhere Anywhere

2D/3D artists and animator

Anywhere Eagle Heroes

[Rev-Share] Unity3D + Photon Game Programmer

Anywhere Intergalactic Gaming Corporation

Job Application for Aperture Science Laboratories: A Portal 2 Mod

Anywhere Portal 2 Mod Team (Fred Entertainment)

3D Character Artist

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Dialogues (Storywriter)

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

[Rev-share] Unity Programmer

Anywhere Starboard Games LLC

[Programmer] Unity Programmer for 2d Casual Mobile Game

Anywhere DreamanImagine Studio

⁂ Light my soul ⁂ Lots of roles!

Anywhere Anywhere

Unity 2D Animator

Anywhere BlindFold Studios

[Rev-share] Promotional Artist

Anywhere Starboard Games LLC

[Rev-share] Character Modeler

Anywhere Starboard Games LLC

[Rev-share] Looking for Animator

Anywhere Starboard Games LLC

Unity level designer needed

Anywhere Anywhere

Game/Concept Artist

Anywhere Artkhive

[Rev-share] PR needed for Indie Sci-fi RPG

Anywhere Starboard Games LLC

Looking for level designer for Cryengine 5 sandbox title

Anywhere Indie project


Anywhere Anywhere

Need Programmer Unity 3D

Anywhere Winterstorm Team

Programmers, Artists, Web Developers

Anywhere Team Fenix Game Design, LLC

[Rev-share] 2D Action platformer Rogue-Lite seeking skilled programmer (Unity)

Anywhere Anywhere

Pixel Artist

Anywhere BlindFold Studios

Graphic Design/UI Artist

Anywhere Slack Studio

General Programmers [Royalty]

Anywhere Slack Studios

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