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Lead 3D Artist

Lead 3D Artist

Boston, MA at Disruptor Beam

lead 3d artist disruptor beam boston, ma artists help us create amazing social games for tablet, smartphones and the web built around our award-winning formula of strategy rpg storytelling and collectible content based in universes like game of thrones and star trek. we’re looking for a lead 3d artist who can create gorgeous, engaging content for our games. responsibilities * modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animating of characters and environments * create high-quality visual effects using shaders and particles * use creativity and visual storytelling to solve problems in game design * work closely with engineers and designers to work out technical challenges pertaining to the art pipeline * help us build the 3d art department: mentor, advise on hires, tools, etc. qualifications * interest in not only building games but building a company--help us set the bar for what 3d graphics can mean on tablet/mobile! * strong familiarity with commercial 3d design packages (3ds max and/or maya) * familiarity with implementing shader graphs and particle systems in a commercial game engine environment * experience with commercial graphics pipelines, scripting and a track record shipping commercial games * ability to push the envelope of possibilities--don't just follow in industry foot-steps, but set a whole new direction this is an on-site position in framingham, ma (near boston). we'll consider relocation assistance for the right person.

Source Engine Mod & Development Engineer

Source Engine Mod & Development Engineer

Anywhere at Gaming Grids, Inc.

source engine mod & development engineer gaming grids, inc. anywhere programmers experience: 2+ years work hours: 40+ hours a week compensation: hourly / wage negotiable contract: independent contractor with opportunity for hire description: gaming grids, inc. is looking for an extremely dedicated source engine mod specialist interested in creating competitive game modifications for source games such as cs:go, team fortress 2 and dota2. we have partnered with one of the biggest brands in the gaming industry to bring the world a next-generation casual and competitive tournaments and challenges platform and are seeking talented professionals to fill positions in our expanding company. your tasks would include: * creating a “pro mod” with established feature sets for the games mentioned above * report daily and directly to the it & engineering team leaders * document all processes and methodologies used to create the mod * generate weekly status reports * assist in drafting and execution of quality assurance for developed systems * adhering to strict deadlines and hitting set milestones required qualifications: * experience creating mods for the source engine (sourcemod / sourcepawn) and/or c++ experience with interactions within source engine * ability to complete your work in a timely manner and adhere to specified deadlines * willingness to utilize proprietary in-house time tracking systems * communicate clearly and effectively and to work well with others in a production environment bonus qualifications: * proficiency in microsoft .net framework (specifically c#), and/or experience in native c/c++ development * experience working with development team members in a scrum environment * experience utilizing microsoft visual studio and team foundation services * knowledge of any other game engines such as the unity engine, cryengine, unreal engine, iw engine, id tech 6, etc.

Indie / Mod Jobs Location Name | Field
Anywhere Unity - 2D Artist / Animator for Royalties at Umbra Games

unity - 2d artist / animator for royalties umbra games anywhere artists we are developing a role-playing-game platformer game using unity3d. we are looking for someone who can create 2d art assets as well as animate characters using a bones framework. art assets include icons, menus, buttons, trees, buildings, rocks, weapons, armor, scrolls, etc... the bones framework we are using is puppet2d for unity. right now we are starting with a playable demo of the game but this game is schedule to launch in 2015. we will be paying royalties after expenses base on contribution once the game is launched. targeted platforms will be playstation 3, playstation 4, playstation vita, xbox 360, xbox one, wii u, pc, and mac. please let us know your amount of time per week you will be contributing to this new and awesome game. please include your portfolio and any other skills. you will be telecommuting for this position and using google hangouts for communications. our company is based out of kansas city, missouri. for more information please email us at info@umbragames.com.

Anywhere Level Designer at DeuXality Games

level designer deuxality games anywhere level designers hello everyone, i'm nicola valcasara, the programmer at deuxality games, an indie company born april 2014 that so far released 5 games on the mobile market. in the last couple of months we have been working on a bigger project and we will soon be ready to show a playable alpha of the concept. we are planning to start a kickstarter campaign, with a professional video and amazing music, to see if there is interest from the net and, success or not, release the game at the beginning of 2015. all the art and the mechanics of the game are in place, we are now searching someone that can help us to build interesting and challenging levels. we have so far 30 puzzle levels, with 6 boss fight between them, but we are planning to have at least another 60 levels on the final product. we are seaking someone that loves mazes and pitfalls, and has a basic knowledge of adobe flash or the free software tiled (but its not essential). we actually have no money to hire a paid employee, but we believe in this product and we are more than happy to share any future earning that this game will give us.

Anywhere 3D Character artist at Osaris Games

3d character artist osaris games anywhere artists my name is marc fortin, i'm an indie developper, founder of osaris games. i'm looking for a character artist for a pc game project, alchemist's awakening. [center][/center] alchemist’s awakening let you play in a world where every element can be manipulated and recombined with other elements, or used as a weapon. you are an alchemist, and the only limit of your power is your imagination, and the fact that you cannot create new materials out of nothing. you can find a few screenshots here : http://osaris31.tumblr.com/ i need several characters to be created, including the main character of the game, who is a young alchemist. the game art style is somewhere between minecraft and skyrim, so, not too realistic, but still visually nice. this is a paid position. you can also have a look at our previous projects (mobile games) here: http://www.osaris.net please email any information, questions, etc.. to: email: pocketnew@gmail.com

Anywhere 2D Artist at Lava Games

2d artist lava games anywhere artists hello! i'm looking for a 2d artist to help me complete an indie game. a good example of the kind of 2d backgrounds i am looking for is as in old pc games, yet without the pixelation. a lot of color blending and small details will be required. the ideal candidate will be able to draw backgrounds and have a good understanding of the human body and how to draw it. there won't be a need to draw the actual characters. you will be drawing poses to be used for sprite sheets. these are meant to be used as guides, and the characters will then be drawn over them, using them as a reference for position. further details will be provided to the successful applicant(s). this is an indie game and no pay is offered for it, since it is without any budget. however, your name will be in the credits. if this game is successful and your work is good, you will be invited to work on other titles with pay. currently, i have several different game titles in the works and i will require a good artist for each of them.

Anywhere Sound Designer looking for a project (will work for free) at Anywhere

sound designer looking for a project (will work for free) anywhere anywhere audio/music hi, for the past few years i've been concentrating on the music side of game audio, however, i have recently decided to branch out into sound design. in order to build my portfolio, i am looking for a project to work on. here is a link to my website, where you can find demos of my work: http://ianfishercomposer.com/ here are some older examples of my work with sound design: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpknid1sxs8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipu1l75spnw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-urco3_xl3a here is a list of my credits (most of these are for music): unannounced (2014) • independent film breach td (2014) • tablet game altas (2014) • independent film sm music (2014) • online music library fabula divina (2013) • retro role-playing video-game unannounced (2013) • fitness class cinema stock (2013) • online film asset library orchestra of the swan (2013) • commission unannounced (2013) • video game unannounced (2013) • television show pilot unreleased (2012) • smartphone application although i usually charge for my work, i am willing to work for free on any sound design projects. i have recently purchased a huge library of sound design assets, so look out for updated demos on my website. thanks, ian ian@ianfishercomposer.com

Anywhere Music Composition at Anywhere

music composition anywhere anywhere audio/music hello, my name is d'anthoni wooten and i'm currently studying at berklee college of music studying film scoring and electronic production and i'd like to work on the music for your video game projects. for your satisfaction i will compose a sample piece for your work before you decide to hire me. if you enjoy the piece of work and would like to hire me for your project, then i will require a payment that you can handle. i am professional at what i do, and i have been composing and producing music for 9-10 years of experience, having the love of creating audio, sounds, and music since i was 8 years old. i am looking forward to see your projects flourish and i will put my 100% effort to make the music send the game's message to your audience and fit your work. if you'd like to listen to a sample of my musical works, please click the links below: https://www.youtube.com/user/dabeatmaster123 if you have any questions please contact me here at: dwooten@berklee.edu thank you!

Anywhere 2D/Concept Artist wanted for Illustrated Sc-fi Novel at Anywhere

2d/concept artist wanted for illustrated sc-fi novel anywhere anywhere artists i am an aspiring writer working on a novel based in the mass effect universe. i am looking for a committed artist who can bring the story to life with dynamic images depicting alien landscapes, space stations and battles, as well as more centralized scenes involving character interaction. the ability to invent "believable" appearances of original alien species is key to this role. those applying are requested to submit or refer to previous work examples. examples displaying sci-fi characters and aspects are preferred, though not required. this is an unpaid position, as the novel is to be shared within online creative writing communities free of charge. the chosen candidate will be accredited for their work wherever it is exhibited. depending on the reception of this novel, i may choose to self-publish original works in the future, in which case i will continue to need an illustrator who would be compensated for any further work done. please e-mail me at zombiesauerkraut@gmail.com and include a link to or attachments of examples of previous work.

Anywhere 3D Model Artist [part-time/hobby] at Crystal Dragon

3d model artist [part-time/hobby] crystal dragon anywhere artists hello! i am currently looking for someone to create static 3d models for my game, vantage: prehistoric simulation mmo. i mostly need environmental art (trees, rocks, etc) as well as small to medium objects (prehistoric tools, tables etc.) for my game "vantage: prehistoric simulation game". the game is an online persistent world mmo. you can check out a detailed description of the game on the indiedb website here: you can check out the game a great deal more on steam greenlight here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=299265107 also, the game is playable and free to download so you may check it out yourself! game links are below. brief game overview: you play a prehistoric human with the ultimate objective… to stay alive! travel around the fully immersive massive 3d randomly generated worlds attempting to find any food you can eat. make tools to allow yourself to hunt living prey, and build primitive fires so that you do not freeze at night. explore the untouched wilderness, and learn about actual prehistoric tools and items that were historically used as you craft them first hand in the game. take some stalks of a cattail, a sharp stone, and a piece of wood and make a primitive spear! the game uses its own custom 3d “seamless” world engine and editor program called vantedit. the game also has features like complete day/night cycle. every object can be interacted with in the game. if you see a stone anywhere in the world, you can pick it up! i am the sole creator of the game, i am the programmer and designer and i have been working on the game for over 10 years now. i have had many other artists work with me on this game in the same way. they have done many types of artwork for the game like 3d models, textures, and ui elements for the game, and all have said that it has been a great experience. this is a great way to increase your portfolio and say you have worked directly on a game, and of course future job recommendations are possible if your work is solid. this is a great position for someone who is in school learning 3d art, or just graduated, or just someone looking to increase their experience and their portfolio, or an already professional artist looking to break off into the indie game scene as i am a regular member of indie game development groups and can help you get connected. a more specific description of what i need are an assortment of trees, shrubs, fruits, flowers, etc from all areas of the world. the same also goes for other objects like rocks, wood, etc. also i am going to need primitive tools, for example, a sling, a bow and arrow, simple crafting tools like axes, "hammers" etc... how you will benefit from working on this game: - you will be creating artwork for an already fully playable online game. you will be able to instantly demo your work in a complete game. - you will be working on a steam greenlight game. - gain valuable experience working with others. - increase your portfolio from working on a game that is past the planning stages, and actually at a further stage of development. there is no chance the game will fall through as it is already fully playable. - given you are a steady supplier of artwork for the game, you will receive credits in the game of course. what i require of you/job specifics: - reminder that this is an unpaid job of course. - an existing portfolio is required to show your work and your skill - i only need you at a part-time/hobby time schedule, you can work at your leisure. i would only require an art asset every couple of days, altered by the model complexity of course. - you will be making 3d objects that range roughly from 20 polys to about 2000 polys (mostly lower poly however). - the art style is "realistic", but "simple", you can look at the game's videos/screenshots on steam greenlight to see specific examples. - you may use any art tools you currently use (maya/3dmax, etc..). - animation/rigging/skinning is a plus if you wish to create fully animated objects, but not required for the position. - will need to texture, normal map, spec map the objects as well. - basic knowledge on how set up and export your work into a .x(directx) format( design doc will be supplied to explain this as well). - i will usually supply the reference materials you need to make the objects. - an instant messenger for quick communication (skype, etc..) please email any information, questions, etc.. to: email: carradine@crystaldragon.com again, don't take my word for it, check the game out for yourself! game links: game website: http://www.crystaldragon.com steam greenlight page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=299265107 facebook page (news updates, etc): http://www.facebook.com/pages/vantage-prehistoric-simulation-game/265649860135120 direct client download: http://www.crystaldragon.com/vantageinstaller.exe

Anywhere Mobile Game Developer (Anime JRPG) at SwordSharp

mobile game developer (anime jrpg) swordsharp anywhere programmers swordsharp is a group of industry veteran indie christian mobile game devs looking to build the chronicles of narnia of the japanese anime-rpg world! looking for talented and experienced indie game developers to join us in any capacity. this is *not* an educational game, a children's game or a bible story app. this is a fun, top quality, mid-core jrpg development project that just happens to get people the gospel of jesus christ (if they want it). make games that matter. come change the world with us! requirements: * 2+ years cross platform mobile game development experience * proven experience developing polished games with some form of web connectivity * must have a passion to reach the world with fun, non-condescending gospel action games * must be personable, and a courteous team player * must be able to develop remotely and be promptly available for web conferenced team meetings bonus: * experienced front end *and* back end developer * loves playing and making mid-core mobile games

Anywhere Sprite Artist/Animator for small, hand-drawn 2D RPG at Blackthorn Games

sprite artist/animator for small, hand-drawn 2d rpg blackthorn games anywhere artists hi folks! we're a small indie team comprised of a writer/designer and concept/environment artist, creating a new 2d turn-based rpg called artemia, made with gamemaker. you can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/artemiagame both of us are at the "rising professional" stage in our careers, where we have plenty of freelance jobs under our belt, but we want to make something that's entirely our own. this game is basically a declaration of the best we can do in our respective fields, and we'd like a sprite artist to join us who would like to do the same. the art style we're going for is illustrated/hand-drawn, similar to games like the banner saga, child of light, or the amber throne. this is a side project for both of us, so we all take our time and do work when we can. we do plan on both kickstarting and selling artemia, but right now we're both starving artists. we can't afford to pay industry standard, at least not right now. this is sort of a passion project. what this means is that as of right now, the project is rev-share. but, if the kickstarter is successful it'll turn into a paid job. i know, "work for us for free," right? we don't want someone who will just work for us. we want a third collaborator to join us. if that sounds like your cup of tea, shoot me an email and we can chat! we're both pretty chill girls, and we're open to discussion on any of the points i've made.

Anywhere Programmer/Coder at ShijonGamesDevelopments

programmer/coder shijongamesdevelopments anywhere programmers you will need to be able to use javascript and c# within unity and worked with unity before you will also be needed to work in a team. you will be required to code in game items and attach them to prefabs within unity. you will receive a discussed share of the game we are making. the game we will be making is a 2d story driven game about space this will have strategic elements like ftl and will include many planets to explore and a main story to complete after the story we aim too add an infinite generating universe for the player to explore and upgrade their ship and their character. we already have an artist and animator on board and hope to hear form any good programmers who will be willing to work with our company on this upcoming game. also before we finish this will open you up to our games in the future which we are already starting a story for this game will have a large budget and will be medieval based with other aspects of strategy. hope to hear form you soon! email djshelly4@gmail.com or shijongames@gmail.com

Anywhere 3D Modeler/Animator/Artist at Anywhere

3d modeler/animator/artist anywhere anywhere artists hello everyone at indiedb. i am currently looking for an 3d artists for our upcoming project project 101. concept: you are stuck in a wild forest with nothing but a gun and a few bullets. you need to survive, also you have an axe which you can use. if you survive you will live to tell the story, but there is no escape from this hell. can you do it? you can find a little demo on my page. we have some the assets in the demo from the unity and our character artist has finished drawing the main character and now we need someone who can model him possibly in blender, maya, k-3d, art of illusion, zmodeler, google sketchup, anim8or, seamless3d or 3ds max. anyone interested can pm me or add me via skype: zvonko.r2 i am looking forward to working with you if you have any questions feel free to ask them. positions filled: character artist/lead character artist(drawings) writer programmer unity programmer positions wanted: animator/3d modeler environment artist world designer to apply send a resume to sesses472@yahoo.com

Anywhere [HOBBY] 3D Artist for a Game Jam Team at Anywhere

[hobby] 3d artist for a game jam team anywhere anywhere artists about ushi, we are a team of 9 people who will be participating in the indies vs pewdiepie game jam hosted at gamejolt in about 4 days. we have most talent covered including a professional 3d artist. as it happens though, he had unexpected good news and won't be able to spend as much time on the jam. so we'll need someone to help us out. basically we're all strangers who met last week on the internet and all of us are cool and friendly. about youi can't give away too much information, but here's what the your role as a 3d artist entails: * modeling of low-poly props and/or texturing (the setting is a rugby stadium, but it's not a rugby game) * modeling and rigging of low-poly characters (or knowing about the existence of makehuman) * animating characters (we're using unity, but it does import animations from common formats) the more of these you can do the better, but it's not essential as some of us can do basic 3d art (and we got 2d artists as well). even if your skills are not polished and you're a still rough diamond, we still need you (think of this a learning opportunity). ideally you should be available during most of the jam, but we'll consider everyone. compensationthe prize for the winner of the jam is $0 and the game has to be released for free, so there will be no monetary compensation. however the 10 top games will be covered by pewdiepie on his channel and you will get your name in the credits, so... there is that. also if enough people decide to stick around after the show we could turn into a commercial game and decide how to split the moneys then.

Anywhere One Sound Artist, One Mid Poly GFX Artist, Many Pseudo Speech Artists at Magic Storm and our current WIP "Biotopia"

one sound artist, one mid poly gfx artist, many pseudo speech artists magic storm and our current wip "biotopia" anywhere artists hello, we are a bunch of hobby game developers. i am from germany and the main developer. biotopia is the latest indie game from magicstorm, our hobby game developer team. it is a mixture of rpg, platformer, jump and run at the same time and above all, a sandbox where the player 's imagination can run wild. the game is developed with german and english language support, like later followed by other languages​​, if the community supports us. it is "biotopia" is full playable (stable beta) you can download it from www.magicstorm.de http://biotopia-game.de/index-en.html but it still needs soundfx, more gfx and much pseudo speeech and monster sounds. if we earn money, we will split it. for now it is free, but i want to have some marketing ideas when it is not beta anymore. and: we will soon switch it and create a 3d "biotopia 3d" of it (will be a bit like minecraft but much more combat and rpg). oculus rift support is planned for that. will feature all gfx, sfx, music and gameplay and quests etc from the 2d version. attention: until now we are hobby game developers without any budget. so we are hiring: a sound artist for sound fx, a gfx artist mid poly, modeling or animation or both all people who want to make some pseudo speech for non player charcters in the game (there are already nearly 20) or the monsters if you want to help us, please contact us! support@magicstorm.de

Anywhere 3D Artist (Armor sculpting) at SureAI

3d artist (armor sculpting) sureai anywhere artists hello everyone, our team - a modding-team active since 2003, with 4 released and renowned projects (nehrim, arktwend, cube experimental), soon-to-be independent developer - is currently looking for a skilled 3d artists to create medieval armory and clothing for our grand-scale total conversion project "enderal - the shards order". what do we offer? - a prestigous, grand-scale modding project, which will most likely produce a high resonance with the media and the players (nehrim was downloaded over 1 000 000 times worldwide and has been placed in many "most-influential mods of all-time"-lists) - professional workflows and a high production quality - an interesting project with an unusual storyline, a detailed world, professionally voiced characters (german and english), and a whole lot of hearts blood in it. - good team-dynamics, flat hierachies and a place in enderals credits - creative freedom, within common-sense boundaries. ;-) what do we expect? - a rather professional attitude - i.e. being responsible, meeting deadlines, and being fair. a lot of people depend on it. - solid skill in 3d modeling, willingness to also take over the "un-creative" tasks, such as skinning and getting the models in-game. we're looking forward to your applications! visit our website or our presence here at moddb - http://www.moddb.com/mods/enderal - for more information on our project. :) all the best, nicolas s. lietzau

Anywhere (Preferably Canada) 2d Sprite artist at Quadratic Games

2d sprite artist quadratic games anywhere (preferably canada) artists about the game: unspoken legends is a 1-4 player co-operative plat-former/fighter rpg. players choose from 1 of 4 unique classes each gaining new abilities as you level up and progress through the game. unspoken legends gives players an innovative style of movement, upgradable abilities and collaborative elements to provide players with a fresh gaming experience. players will be able to use these elements to overcome plat-forming challenges, difficult mobs of enemies, complex boss fights and battle each other in a variety of player vs player arenas. gameplay demo reel: link to youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/ucfzqsoxtdfg7cmcicrozheg what we are looking for: we are looking for an additional artist to work full time for about 1-2 months to help complete our game demo. once the artwork is complete we are ready to head to kickstarter! what we would need from you is: 1-2 more characters sprites (15-20 animations per character) payment: you would be paid a portions of the fundraiser money as well as a portion of the final profit. (specifics can be discussed upon contact) current team: 1 programer - former ibm employee and experienced game developer 2 part-time artists - both legend 3d employees 2 part-time sound engineers - both well versed musicians

Anywhere Level Designer required for an historical project at Anywhere

level designer required for an historical project anywhere anywhere level designers i am looking for someone who can create unreal 4.0 level which will be output to the oculus rift. we will provide the 3d assets including building models and characters. we need a level designer to bring them inside the game, light them, add trees in predesignated areas and some particle effects. we are a small animation studio working on our first game (http://www.radimpact.com) we have 3d artists who have created the assets including buildings, rigged and skinned characters and a 3d animator is working on the animation. it is a historical educational project and will require a creation of two levels. one interior and one exterior. this would be a paid position and i am hoping that if you are interested we can perhaps discuss the project via skype . services required: integration of 3d assets into a level. lighting insertion of trees post effects, dust , fire torches. cinematic intro import character animation into scene. if you interested you can discuss the project and figure out the time required to deliver the project and go from there thank you,

Anywhere Unity Programmer at Avalon Mods

unity programmer avalon mods anywhere programmers hello everyone at moddb. we are currently looking for new members for our upcoming project eincraft. concept: luke fornsworth is an average 21 year old guy who has inadvertently found himself locked into a game of death. he has been summoned by louise ventaile, a young aristocrat living in the mysterious world of eincraft, who has forcefully inducted luke into her service. the two of them together embark on a journey which will lead them to either glory and immortality, or their own demise. here is a playable demo link: http://www.avalonmods.com/eincraft/eincraft.html we have purchased the assets in the demo from the unity store and our character artist has finished modeling the main character. we still need environment artists to work on the environment and character artists to make the npc's and main characters. we also need unity programmers for the project. programmers job: coding the battle system, inventory system, user interface. anyone interested can email me or add me via skype: rance1992. i am looking forward to working with you positions filled: lead character artist/character concept artist writer programmer positions wanted: animator/modeler environment artist unity programmer concept artist note: we cannot afford to pay anyone at this time, once the prototype is finished we will be doing a kickstarter and everyone on the team will receive compensation at that time.

Anywhere Programmer at Anywhere

programmer anywhere anywhere programmers insert catchy logo here studios is currently working on the development of the dragonwars of nardan, an epic-fantasy, upgrade-heavy, semi-bullet-hell shmup for pc (and potentially consoles as well) where you play as the last free dragon fighting to save your people and destroy those who enslaved them as living weapons of mass destruction. the only two members of the team are both primarily designers and artists, with little to no experience programming. up ‘til now, we’ve been using stencyl, an excellent and versatile coding-free game making tool, but it has some severe limitations with the bullet-hell genre (lots of objects on screen can really eat up the frame rate, so it’s not ideal) and still is a lot of work for people who don’t easily think like programmers (such as either of us). so we are currently looking for a programmer(s) to help us build the actual game. to this end we are preparing a kickstarter to fund the hiring of additional team members, so we can only promise payment in the event of a successful campaign. (but being interested or willing to join even if the ks doesn’t succeed is a major plus, as it means we’d at least still be able to make the game). being a pixel-art bullet-hell game, it needs to support hundreds of bullets on screen at once without any lag/slowdown with pixel precise collision detection at high speeds, it requires some moderately complicated animation systems, and some online features like leaderboards. experience and ability with unity would be very good for the potential console versions (particularly the wii u, as that is the main priority among them) if the kickstarter allows. additional pixel-art skills (particularly working with color and texture) or music/sound design skills would be helpful, but not at all a requirement. thanks for your time, nathan megill, insert catchy logo here studios.

Anywhere Looking for 2D ARTIST for Sci-fi RPG at INT by Starboard Games LLC

looking for 2d artist for sci-fi rpg int by starboard games llc anywhere artists starboard games is an indie studio comprised of highly professional and friendly people from all over the globe. each of our departments collaborate extremely well thanks to our transparent feedback system. we love and share our work amongst team members, offer constructive feedback and always striving to improve ourselves both at personal and organizational levels. we are looking for talented and dedicated artists and programmers to join us on our project int (www.int-game.net), a sci-fi rpg with a strong emphasis on exploration, dungeon crawling, character customization and story-telling. if you are looking for a fun-loving team with mature, respectful people working on a large, ambitious project, read on!! we are looking for a 2d artist to join the devteam to design and develop icons, logos and promotional images for use on the project. the 2d artist will follow instructions from the devteam lead and the project lead in creation of assets. open evaluation to and from other team members would also be expected. mandatory attributes: • must be familiar with image creation software such as adobe photoshop and gimp. • have knowledge of creating digital 2d work for video and print. • able to create intuitive user interface icons for interactive games. • willing to follow explicit instructions and make changes where needed. preferred: • be an avid gamer, have played a wide collection of games from various genres. • familiar with after effects, premiere, and/or indesign. we offer equal profit sharing from fundraising and sales revenue amongst all full-time team members upon successful completion of our fundraising campaign! to be considered 'full-time', you will be expect to work 15-20 hours per week on the project and be able to meet deadlines. we thank you for your time and wish you the best of luck! john shen hr director starboard games llc skype: tempest_1703@hotmail.com

Anywhere [Urgent] 2D Artist for a Game Jam team at RedCubeGames

[urgent] 2d artist for a game jam team redcubegames anywhere artists hi. we are looking for a 2d designer-animator-artist, for the #indiesvspewdiepie game jam. we are currently a two man team of programmers. we are great and fun to work with. skills/responsibilities: - probably pixel-art style, low resolution sprites, images - animations - gui and menu design and creation. - any tools can be used as long as they are legal and can be exported to unity (.png most preferably) also you should: - have capable communication skills and be online and available trough the full time of the jam - create everything during the 72 hours of the jam (jam rules) - be a cool person who we can work with compensation directly: none. this job is unpaid, just like the jam. but what can you get? well, if we succeed, fame. but we can't guarantee that. what we can guarantee is a great experience, and a chance to create a video game in 72 hours. this is really urgent! the jam is from the 21 to the 24 of november, and we would like to talk to you before it. note: we are hungarians. there is no language restriction, we are both strong, and fluid in english, so we don't ask more from you. what it can effect, that we are not in any of the us timezones, so in a bit of different rhythm. but otherwise we are just as international as anyone else. just for you to know.

Anywhere Composer & Sound Designer Looking for Job at Matt O'Haira

composer & sound designer looking for job matt o'haira anywhere audio/music hello, my name is matt, a experienced composer, sound designer and professional guitar player. i released the soundtrack of the game dash tap, and i'm currently working on 2 more indie titles that are coming soon. i'm looking for quality games needing original music. i compose in a wide variety of genres that you can listen in the link below. (80s electro, rock, ambient experimental, orchestral, latin, chiptune and much more). i run daws like ableton live and logic, do real instruments recordings if needed as well as using high quality specialized libraries and synths. if you are interested send me a mail! and good luck to all with your projects! regards, matt http://mattohaira.bandcamp.com/releases https://soundcloud.com/matt-ohaira

Anywhere We need a 2D artist for Brume Studios. Come and join us at Brume Studios

we need a 2d artist for brume studios. come and join us brume studios anywhere artists hello, i here represent brume studios, a brand new indie company that is currently about to begin developping ograven; a post-apocalyptic game modeled after diablo but with the gameplay mechanics of dark souls. to specify, we aim to implement mechanics such as dodging, rolling, blocking and parrying into a diablo-like game. to make things harder we also wish to implement a cone of vision. we aim to create a grasping visualistic world, along with a tough-but-fair experience and an emotional story. we are currently looking for a 2d artist to join our team. if you're interested, please contact us at: brumestudios@seznam.cz. we look forward to any applicants. no previous experience of published work required; anyone who believes he/she has the talent is more than welcome at our team. as for compensation, we cannot afford to pay anyone a suitable monthly wage at the moment. we aim to make some gameplay footage of ograven and present it at kickstarter. further compensation will come once the game is released and profits begin to come in. thank you for considering us! with regards, brume studios

Anywhere Game Designer at Dayo Studios

game designer dayo studios anywhere level designers dayo studios is seeking a talented designer to help round out the final design components of our upcoming puzzle game. the designer will be primarily involved in creating levels, with additional work centered on integrating social and gameplay features. the ideal designer will have: ▪ demonstrated level design experience ▪ baseline skill in gameplay and systems design ▪ a keen eye for integrating ui and appreciation for interface design ▪ an aptitude for collaborating with others to help refine player experience ▪ an effective ability to test and balance implemented features what can we offer you? • a chance to join a strong, dedicated team determined to be at the forefront of the mobile game industry • flexibility. we don’t have an office so we need programmers willing to work remotely. • the freedom and opportunity to work across multiple areas and contribute to all aspects of the game • easy-going, dynamic environment (even if its remote) to apply, please contact us at jobs@dayostudios.net, with a link to your design portfolio. we are ready and rearing to bring a new designer onboard, so get in touch!

Anywhere Japanese Role Playing Game looking for programmer: S.K.Y at Edge Entertainment

japanese role playing game looking for programmer: s.k.y edge entertainment anywhere programmers codename s.k.y project is a japanese roleplaying game in development by edge entertainment a small development team. beginning it's existence as a hobby project, s.k.y has since piqued the interest of gamers across the world inciting ee to take the project to the next level. s.k.y project is in need of a programmer who has the ability to structure a traditional 2d japanese role playing game in the mold of chrono trigger and final fantasy 6. original seiken-densetsu 3 style graphics, an original soundtrack, and professional voice acting are already the main draws to the game. s.k.y project aims to deliver a degree of role playing nostalgia not seen since the golden age of the genre and blending that with modern conventions. with the recent boom in indie gaming and the demand for old school role playing games, s.k.y will not dissapoint. immerse yourself in a world where the intricacies of magic and it's unknown properties have divided the world into factions. you may hold the key that will unite them together to face a common enemy that threatens worlds beyond even your own. wintess great voiced storytelling and beautiful graphics . engage in an innovative battle-system learning abilities and making strategic decisions to best your foes. enjoy the captivating original soundtrack as you journey throughout a world full of nostalgia. if you were ridiculed your entire life by your own people because of abilities they didn't understand, would you still rise to protect them against all odds? this is your story.

Anywhere Programmer and artist at Anywhere

programmer and artist anywhere anywhere programmers we are currently a team of 3 guys. we have programmed a unique chess game where pieces traverse the board over time rather than jumping immediately to their destination. once a piece moves, there is a short delay before the piece can move again. there is also different game mode type, like for example: 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, etc. we are looking to modify, update and enhance the game, for that we are looking for programmers and artists to join and help our team. the game is currently coded in c#, fully functional and active. we might be changing it to c++ but that is still to discuss. we have some very nice features we are looking to implement where we could already start generating a little income. we average around 20-30 players a day and we haven't even advertised the game much. as of advertising, we have a very nice plan and always open for ideas and guidance. hoping to find long term people to join our team but it is not required. please let me know if you are interested or if you have any questions. thank you

Anywhere Character Modeler/Animator up for hire at Anywhere

character modeler/animator up for hire anywhere anywhere artists hello, i'm in the market for some part time work that's more in the field that i'm schooling for. i do need to be paid, not "royalty paid" for my work for i still need to make rent and pay living expenses. $700 a month is the minimum that i need to be paid but it is more preferred to be paid $1000 for savings and various other expenses. i am maya trained and have maya and mudbox available to me through school, but if an extra $400 is paid a month, i can start renting the programs and have a more private work space and give more time to work on said projects. though i don't have much experience in programs like z-brush, i am not afraid to learn the program as long as it is provided for me in expenses as well. i am able to complete a low poly character in a 2 weeks and complete a simple animation such as a walk cycle in just 1 week. these times would be shorter if i did not have school work to go along with my scheduling as well so apologies for that. currently, my environmental modeling skills are not as up to par as many would hope for so i cannot offer said service. i am open to be put through a test if you wish. examples of my work can be seen in my blog here: http://laurenwitt.blogspot.ca/

Anywhere Looking for Artists at Avalon Mods

looking for artists avalon mods anywhere artists hello everyone at moddb. we are currently looking for artists for our upcoming project eincraft. concept: luke fornsworth is an average 21 year old guy who has inadvertently found himself locked into a game of death. he has been summoned by louise ventaile, a young aristocrat living in the mysterious world of eincraft, who has forcefully inducted luke into her service. the two of them together embark on a journey which will lead them to either glory and immortality, or their own demise. here is a playable demo link: http://www.avalonmods.com/eincraft/eincraft.html we have purchased the assets in the demo from the unity store and our character artist has finished modeling the main character. we still need environment artists to work on the environment and character artists to make the npc's and main characters. anyone interested can email me or add me via skype: rance1992. i am looking forward to working with you positions filled: lead character artist/character concept artist writer programmer positions wanted: animator/modeler environment artist unity programmer concept artist note: we cannot afford to pay anyone at this time, once the prototype is finished we will be doing a kickstarter and everyone on the team will receive compensation at that time.

Anywhere, Australia preffered UDK experienced 3D artist needed at Anywhere

udk experienced 3d artist needed anywhere anywhere, australia preffered artists i am looking for 3d artists with experience using the unreal development kit game engine. this position is unpaid however names of all people involved in production will be shown in the credits of the game. a link to the concept of the game can be found here: http://gamejolt.com/games/other/purge/36785/ i am developing a survival fps horror based in prison, and would appreciate the help of experienced, high detail artists. this position is flexible and work will not be rushed however a high work ethic is expected. if you would like to find further information on this project (e.g. concept art) please contact me using the email address provided below. this is my first time developing a game using udk and so i may also require developers familiar with the engine at a later stage, however for the moment i heavily require the assistance of a 3d artist. artists are free to use any program they would like, provided that all developed objects and characters can be exported into the unreal development kit editor.

Anywhere Programmer at Orbital Studios

programmer orbital studios anywhere programmers looking for programmers to help with a game we are working on. we are looking for two types of programmers. senior programmers - more experienced programmers who are comfortable directing a team of programmers and helping less experienced programmers. programmers - less experienced programmers who are willing to learn requirements - no previous experience necessary, however if you have any, please show us! bonus points - knowledge of java/unity and/or git/cvs are big pluses. about us - we are a small indie developer called orbital studios. we started up back in 2012 but due to certain members' lack of commitment among other issues we stopped development on our game. we have recently reformed earlier this summer with a new team and are now looking for help with a new project. we are looking for people in all areas of development so don't hesitate to contact us. the project we are working on now is very simple, we do this intentionally so we can learn how to work best as a team and gain initial experience as a team. we have other ideas for future games that i think you will like. about me - i myself am a 2d/3d artist, i've worked on several indie titles in the past and have 5 years of 3d modeling experience and 2 years as a game designer. please contact me on skype or by e-mail if you wish to apply. skype - jguidac e-mail - orbitalstudios1@hotmail.com

Anywhere Animator, 3d Modelers at CodeRedGames

animator, 3d modelers coderedgames anywhere artists hello we are currently looking for people who are experienced in 3d modeling and/or animation. the game is being created in unreal engine 4, so if you want to work directly with the game you will need to supply your own copy of unreal engine. the project is currently running low on funds, so you will not be paid until the game is published, in which you will receive a % of the profit. we are planning on starting a kick starter soon. [description of the project] the game doesn't not currently have a name because of it's early stage in development. in this medieval fantasy world, you can go mining to special craft items and gather materials to build an epic fortress with your friends. if your feeling helpful go by one of the many ai run kingdoms to get quest, while your their you might as well trade with people in the market. on your way back home watch out for other players that might want your gear. after you rest up a bit and upgrade your skills so you'll be more effective in many ways from combat to cutting down logs. if have any ideas or questions for us just send us an email at coderedgames@outlook.com. if you would like to join the project look below and send us application. [application] what to include in your application: *do you have a copy of unreal engine 4. *what modeling or animation software you use. *a little bit about your self and what your experience is in modeling or animation. *if you have worked on other published works. link the website or video if you have. *best way of contacting you.

Anywhere 2D Artist at ShjonGamesDevelopments

2d artist shjongamesdevelopments anywhere artists need any source of a 2d artist for an upcoming 2d pig racing game all ideas have being executed all we need now is some professional art work to make this game go. you have to be good at art any software will do proffered photoshop. you will also have to be compliant. any age would be fine and you will receive a discussed percentage share of what the game makes. this game will be for the apple app store include in app purchases and an add system for a little more revenue. you will be using software like photoshop too create characters for the game props and some scenery to add the pixel 2d feeling. not much experience required you just have to be a skilled artist that's hard-working. the deadline will be (march 13 2015.) also we are considering starting a kick-starter to help us pay for staff like you. i believe in fair money for a fair job. also this opens you up to opportunities in the future for our company as we already have a team working on other app-store games and are looking to get started as a big business. if you are looking to join email me at djshelly@gmail.com

Anywhere 3D Modeler needed for a Walking Dead fan-fic at TheWalkingCreativity

3d modeler needed for a walking dead fan-fic thewalkingcreativity anywhere web/other the walking creativity, a team of fans who love the walking dead is looking for a 3d modeler to help make the characters in our series called the walking dead untold. it will be 10 episodes long and it takes place in the same world as the actual walking dead television show. this started originally as any other forum post on the telltale games site. now, it is in the process of being made into a fully blown animation. many things are being done to try and spread the word about our project such as advertising on forums, and getting youtubers to endorse us. we even went as far as creating a kickstarter so we have the funds that may be needed for this to go live. the members involved in the walking creativity has come along way since day 1. and it would be ashame if we aren't able to have this animation up and running just because will couldn't find a modeler. everyone believes that this has the potential to be a successful fan-fic. it is made up of completely original characters submitted by the fans. we already have an animator, script, voice actors, etc... every member in it has such an amazing talent. all we need now is a 3d modeler to help us get this project going.

Anywhere Looking for Animator at Avalon Mods

looking for animator avalon mods anywhere artists hello everyone at moddb. we are currently looking for an animator for our upcoming project eincraft. concept: luke fornsworth is an average 21 year old guy who has inadvertently found himself locked into a game of death. he has been summoned by louise ventaile, a young aristocrat living in the mysterious world of eincraft, who has forcefully inducted luke into her service. the two of them together embark on a journey which will lead them to either glory and immortality, or their own demise. here is a playable demo link: http://www.avalonmods.com/eincraft/eincraft.html we have purchased the assets in the demo from the unity store and our character artist has finished modeling the main character and now we need someone who can animate/rig him. anyone interested can pm me or add me via skype: rance1992. i am looking forward to working with you positions filled: lead character artist/character concept artist writer programmer positions wanted: animator/modeler environment artist unity programmer concept artist

Anywhere Musician Composer looking for work at indie / mod Jobs

musician composer looking for work indie / mod jobs anywhere programmers i am looking for game developers who need soundtracks for there new projects or videos to promote there ideas and games. i'm looking to start a carrier in music/soundtracks for games. i am a long time musician/composer who is creative in the music/sounds field. i write many genres of music styles from metal/rock to ambient sounds dark disturbed sounds and also melodic futuristic spacey sounds/ also cyberpunk /jungle, orchestrated sounds, whatever the project needs, i have the tools. i will help the game with the music it needs. if your looking for that certain sound please feel free to drop me a line. you can also check out my webpage for samples of my music, please feel free to check it out. thank you future game developers and good luck in your endeavors, hope to hear from you please drop me and email or go to my webpage thank you hope to hear from ya

Anywhere Cartoonish comedy animator at Anywhere

cartoonish comedy animator anywhere anywhere artists hello! this is a laid back job, and i need someone with a great sense of humor. i have a youtube channel, and i am looking to expand. i am a standup comic at heart, and i am looking for someone to animate over some sound clips. it should be pretty simple, as long as you have the animating skills, and the ability to work around the audio clip. professional experience is not required, you just need to be proficient in animating. i don't care how you do it, so long as you can render it into a common extension. (mp4 preferred.) i am looking for someone who can really convey emotions in their animations. don't get me wrong, i am definitely not looking for a realistic animation here.. i am looking for cartoony/funny. basically what i am looking to happen, is you will email me your resume/samples and we will immediately begin discussing the project. ideally, i would like to send you a 5-10 second audio clip for you to roughly animate around, and we can go from there. this will be a paid job, we can discuss this when you email me. if you have any questions or interest at all, feel free to email me!

Anywhere Animator and Programmer at Anywhere

animator and programmer anywhere anywhere programmers we are a small team of two programmers, three concept artist, two writers, one 3d modeler and two idea guys. the programmers are fairly new to game programming. we are all working for free and most of us have full-time jobs. we have been working on conceptualizing the game for the past four months, and are looking to get more serious about getting things done. if the game goes on to make money you will be compensated for your time within the limitations of the budget. we will be having monthly meetings and i will be requiring a weekly update of personal progress. i will be assigning projects to each area of game design and it will be up to the people in that group to determine who fulfills which assignment. the game is a fantasy, open-world, tactical squad-based, rpg. feel free to ask me anything about the position at the email below. the goal of this game is to make something that nobody else has done and to do it well. this is a combination of two of my most-played games: xcom: enemy unknown and the elder scrolls v: skyrim. it takes place in a fictional universe that i came up with several years ago and have been taking the time to build the world in more detail over the last year or so. i have a list of features that i would like to implement but to start with i want a rather decent-sized world to explore with interesting squad-based combat. anything past that and the main story are secondary objectives. my goal is to have a pre-alpha build within a year and get it onto kickstarter and various other community-based funding programs to get more help and hopefully get it published on consoles as well as on steam. if you have experience with unreal engine 4 that is a plus but not necessary.

Anywhere Animator at Critical Code

animator critical code anywhere artists critical code is working on a survival-strategy game called crossroads. as production goes on, our developers are finding that they don't have time to contribute to this project. that is why we are here. we are looking for an animator to animate our characters and other aspects in the game. as it stands right now, we have four people left working on the game. mack - lead game designer lakota - 3d modeler lela - marketing/sales matthew - idea giver if anything goes wrong, or you have questions about anything, mack will be the one to go to. when you are accepted, we will work out contact details. animator roles: • make animations that flow smoothly in the work environment. • communicate with mack to make sure animations will work well in the game world. • work well with a deadline. this job is not paid. however, depending on sales when the game is released, you will receive something for your contribution. website: www.critical-code.com (under construction) facebook: www.facebook.com/crossroadsgame

USA Music composer, available for work at Myself

music composer, available for work myself usa audio/music i am a musical composer, looking to gain some experience, and compose the music to your potential indie games. i've composed many awesome tracks while practicing to make the music for a game, and am available to begin composing music for your project, whatever it may be. i do dark, atmospheric music, cyberpunk/futuristic, as well as traditional, brighter, orchestral tracks. if your team is looking for someone to put music to your game, shoot me an email. be it the music to your kickstarter trailer, or the entire soundtrack to a game, i'd be happy to oblige. though payment would be nice, i may not require it depending on what the the project demands. i have composed a full instrumental album called authoring a world, which will be releasing soon, as well as an ep called srp based on the tracks from games like silent hill, and the hit t.v. show, twin peaks. if you would like to hear few select tracks that i've done, visit soundcloud.com/celestiamusic. i use this website to put a few of my more diverse tracks on display. i look forward to hearing from any interested parties in the future, thanks for your consideration!

Anywhere Animators! at RenegadeTechnology

animators! renegadetechnology anywhere web/other renegadetechnology is looking for a skilled animator with knowledge of 3d studio max, blender or maya. responsibilities: 1) be able to communicate with other members of the team 2) be able to create animations for organic and static meshes for gameplay as well as cutscenes 3) be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others 4) accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself 5) be able to communicate almost daily through skype required skills: 1) be able to create high quality animations for characters and objects 2) be able to rig high or low polygon models depending on the situation 3) have knowledge of various animation / rigging tools 4) have some basic experience with motion capture software 5) be flexible with priorities that are given --note-- please note that this is not a paid job(for now). the game we are working on will not be a free, but we want people to work for free to get the side that we want out of you! -application musts- when sending an application to us we would like to know about your past work history and if you have worked on projects in the past some examples of the work and proof that it is your work. we would also like to know a little more about you and what makes you want to develop games. thankyou!

Anywhere Looking For Concept Artists! at RenegadeTechnology

looking for concept artists! renegadetechnology anywhere artists hello, we are looking for a talented concept artist to sketch up drawings based off real world objects such as houses, villages and some world design. we want someone who can create realistic drawings and be able to get them on their computer. you will be given plenty of reference material so you have something to go off. it's up to you whether you want to draw with the computer or without, whatever suits you best. it is a good thing to have samples of work and have experience with creating concept art for games before. your concept art will be used by modelers and mappers to help get a better sense and idea of how to create something. the project you will be working on is sheild of the red dragon, if you have any further questions please include them in your application. we are not currently working to any deadlines as of now however in the future we will be working to deadlines but they will be reasonable. we are looking for people who enjoy what they do and enjoy working in a team. please note that this is unpaid work, however in the future should we be able to provide pay we certainly will! we hope you consider us. please attach some samples of previous work in your application as it helps speed up the process. thankyou

Anywhere | Skype Looking For Modelers! at RenegadeTechnology

looking for modelers! renegadetechnology anywhere | skype web/other modler needed: i am a writer and creative developer, intrested in game development. i am looking for a few people who are experienced in either 3d modeling/animation or programming to help develop a game with the below explanation. our games are mostley medival, so creative 3d modeling will be important. we are looking for someone who is passionate about their work. someone who can put in the extra hours to make this dream a reality while bringing something personal and creative to their work. we need someone who can jump right in and match our particular art style. we would love to bring someone on who can bring something new and exciting to the team! responsibilities: - be able to communicate with other members of the team - have the skill to propose new ideas and designs - be a good teammate and have positive attitude towards the others - accept positive criticism and be able to improve yourself - be able to communicate almost daily through skype requirements: - good understanding of how models and importing models work. - experience with modelling before. - have a licensed modelling product to create models. --more information-- - you will be working with the artist to create textures to make everything look nice. - if you are currently working with another company/group please state who in your email application, if accepted any work made for renegade technology applications/games must not be used for other groups and must be kept to us and only us. this also means any work made for another company must not be used for us. this is so we do not have to face any legal issues, for example, if we use a model that was used by another company, there could be legal issues. --note-- please note that this is not a paid job(for now). the game we are working on will not be a free, but we want people to work for free to get the side that we want out of you! -application musts- when sending an application to us we would like to know about your past work history and if you have worked on projects in the past some examples of the work and proof that it is your work. we would also like to know a little more about you and what makes you want to develop games. thankyou!

Anywhere Animator (Cartoon) at Fuuma Ent

animator (cartoon) fuuma ent anywhere artists hello there. i am looking for someone with a great sense of humor. i need an animator who is capable of making funny animations. they do not need to be super detailed, but i am hoping to find someone with a simplistic style, that is still able to convey a message. the topic of the animation is going to be comedy, so i need someone who can really fit into the part. stand up comedy, to be exact. i am a stand up comic, and i am basically looking for someone to take some audio clips, and animate around them. so the audio isn't a concern to you, maybe some sound effects to add to the audio track but not much. i am hoping to find someone who i can send me an email with some samples to check out, and then we can instantly begin discussing ideas. if you are someone who shows interest and i like your work, ideally i would like to also send you like a 10-15 second script, and just see how you tackle it. for more details, and further discussion of the project, please feel free to email me. maybe we can get started as soon as today/tomorrow.

USA Unity Programmer at Anywhere

unity programmer anywhere usa programmers calling any and all unity programmers! my indie team is looking for a programmer with unity experience to help us knock our (3d) project out in about six months. our mechanics are basically done, and we're looking to focus on content addition. payment is revenue share once the project is complete (most likely by the beginning of next summer!), or one-time lump sum if you wish to leave at that point. responsibilities: level/event scripting implementation (ui, etc.) gameplay mechanics note: as stated, our gameplay foundation is pretty much in place. the main things that would need to be done in terms of your work on gameplay mechanics would consist of building off of the existing systems. so, it's not like you're making mechanics from scratch or anything like that. requirements: experience in unity & c# portfolio pluses: any level design experience any experience with oculus rift implementation any experience with creating enemies and their ai we are all students, so our schedule is flexible. the bulk of your work will come from refining mechanics, optimizing code, and scripting for levels. we are all laid back, but general tasks for level scripting/design will be clearly outlined, so never fear! also, as we wish to complete the project in about six months, be prepared for a solid amount of work. again -- we are students, so we understand having other obligations, but we do commit very strongly to our work.

Anywhere (Preferred California, USA) Lead Gameplay Programmer / Lead Character Animation at Gearshift Media Productions

lead gameplay programmer / lead character animation gearshift media productions anywhere (preferred california, usa) programmers we are looking for a lead gameplay programmer to work in unity 3d. also looking for a lead character animator. this game is for profit, but we cannot pay the designers. but, when the game is released all designers will be given a percent of profit. the game, project liane, is a heavily story based stealth game. you can learn more by sending us an email or visiting our website. but the game has been going through intense development shifts and some content may no longer be valid. for more info, feel free to email us. project liane has mixed first impression reviews as of now, but the game is in it's beginning stages. every week we will review the progression you have made. the goal is to finish within 1-2 years. a detailed design doc and schedule will be provided. work will begin in unity free then in later stages begin in unity pro. programming languages are javascript andd c#. at the current time, the game length is roughly about 2-3 hours long. as lead gameplay programmer, you will work with the directors to extend the game to about 4-6 hours. to learn more about the game, visit: gearshiftvideoproductions.com/project-liane.html thanks.

Melbourne C# javascript Boo Programmer at Jomi Entertainment

c# javascript boo programmer jomi entertainment melbourne programmers job title: unity3d programmer what it is about: we are a small team building an innovative ios / android hack 'n' slash game. we are looking for a few programmers who can work with the unity3d engine. we are all passionate creators who want to bring our own ideas to life and we all have day jobs. so check out our stuff at www.savagesthegame.com and if this is a project you want to be apart of, then drop us a line. what we are after: we are after people who want to be part of a creative and innovative team to build a game that will help start up a company to lead the gaming world in australia. your skills: we intend to use the unity3d engine but are open for more ideas. we want you to be part of the development team and not just a worker. unity3d use c#, javascript and boo languages. our game: we are building a d-pad and button styled hack 'n' slash game where you play as rah a powerful beast on a mission to set order to a corrupted world. if you want to be apart of the team or wish to see more of our work head to www.savagesthegame.com and tell us what you think.

EU Animator at Anywhere

animator anywhere eu artists hi! my name is josef and the leader of this project. im a student, and i study game development, and i live in sweden. me and a friend are trying to make a game, but it difficult at the moment we are searching for people to help us, with our project/s. we want also to tell that the jobs are free at the moment, because we have zero income, but the every "worker" will get money, when we finally release the game and earn some money. we highly prefer people from eu we have these developers (at the moment): - a programmer - a 3d modeler people we are in a need of (at the moment): - 3d animator here is the idea of the game: an online, zombie, fps game, where the players are can affect the environment. where you have more of a gangs, cities, and players can take land. the players live under a zombie apocalypse.

Anywhere (ss) Bumpmap needed for existing textures (HL2 ep2 sp-mod) at SPYmaps development

(ss) bumpmap needed for existing textures (hl2 ep2 sp-mod) spymaps development anywhere artists the last 4 years i have been working hard on my latest hl2 ep2 sp-mod called episode 3; the closure. and it is almost done, i hope to release it at the end of decemeber 2014. i still need to add (ss) bumpmap to textures and it would mean so much to me and the mod when someone could help me out with this because i can't add them myself. never worked with bumpmapping. so, i don't need textures just (ss) bumpmap added to excisting textures. of course will you be credited for your work on screen in the mod and in the readme.txt. the mod will be played by quite a few people so your work will be seen by a lot of people. please check the mods screens and movies out here: http://www.moddb.com/mods/the-closure/news/hl2-ep3-the-closure-inside-the-borealis and please do reply by sending me a email or by sending a pm here on moddb. really hope to hear from someone because i have placed this add many times but only a few people did contact me after which they didn't come back or only made a few ss-bumpmaps. leon spymaps brinkmann

Anywhere In need of a teacher at Anywhere

in need of a teacher anywhere anywhere artists hi! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ i am a student from finland and a amateur artist/game developer. i am extremely new in this world of game making and i need some help. i want to become good at 3d modeling/ concept art/ all the artistic parts of making a game. i've done a few small projects with rpg maker, but that doesn't really count. i want to make a small 2d atmospheric horror adventure game. the game would probably be made in a minimalist pixelated style probably using game maker studio. i've been messing with the game maker, but can't get anything real done. i am extremely willing to learn and i won't quit projects i start. mostly i need help in making the actual game mechanics and in animating my sprite characters. so i'm looking for someone with artistic skills and someone who actually know how (possibly code) or use game maker studio. if anyone would be interested in teaching me, please contact me on email. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anywhere Project Avatar / Animators, Modelers, Programmers at Project Avatar

project avatar / animators, modelers, programmers project avatar anywhere artists http://imgur.com/fkfynlr please click link above for a poster of our current roster, what we are recruiting for and our current progress in development. game features: free-to-play - pa will be nonprofit and charging no money to purchase or play the game. as a result, our goal is to avoid copyright infringements and to recruit staff members that are looking for no pay or wages for their work. we're comprised of people who are both honing their various trades and passionate about the world they create and game they work on. skill-based - pa will be 100% skill based game play. no targeting and no random damage factors. every ability used will be manually aimed and in order to succeed you'll need to pair effective combos of spells and time your dodging and blocking effectively. there will be no items or gear that will affect game play other than cosmetics. arena pvp - players will be pitted against others in arena-style combat. this may vary from team battles to solo bouts and you'll have limited area to move around in and interact with. before launching into game play, you'll be either in a lobby and interface to launch and browse or a small town scene where you'll be able to access options, stores, etc.the bulk of the game's experience will be in arena pvp, however. customization - pa will feature a lot of aspects of customization seen in mmorpgs. we aim at you being able to customize your created character, the type of apparel they wear, what type of abilities you'll be able to use, attribute points, keybinds, talents, etc. recruitment: we’re looking for all of the below, though we’re just starting with development. some work may not be ready for the modelers, animators, programmers and all potential others we have until we’re ready to progress. don’t let that stop you, though. feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested. applications for concept artists and sound designers are locked, though a promising candidate may earn you a spot on the team. 3d environment modelers 3d character modelers animators programmers email: zachgebhard@gmail.com skype: gebhard001

Anywhere Animaton/audio work at My self

animaton/audio work my self anywhere audio/music needed: an animator to take a bunch of animations i have collected and put together a small music/intro clip for a youtube channel. also a small trailer regarding the content of my channel. expecting text and logo work. i am looking for a rock/metal taste with some good music and sound effects. the channel's content is a mugen based pc game. mugen is a fighting game and i am hoping to put together something that had a fighting feel. 18+ target age. my channel is brand new but i have quite a bit of various clips that would work really well, i just need someone to help me put it all together. while previous work with animating and audio editing is a must, work with youtube intro design is highly desired. the ideal candidate would send me a few examples of intro sequences/samples that they have created, and begin discussing ideas and creation. also, knowledge of the mugen game engine is desired, but not required. email me with any question and i will be happy to discuss the topic further with you.

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