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The dream of managing a Cold War superpower through an incredibly tumultuous era is now becoming reality. Log into your favorite command terminal and assert dominance over your rival superpower in this multiplayer strategy game. Plans are nothing; planning is everything in this worldwide conflict.

Main Features:

• Command the most authentic head-to-head multiplayer Cold War simulator and balance on the brink of mutual assured destruction.
• Wipe your enemy from the face of the earth by racing to expand the missile gap for a favorable first strike. The Doomsday Clock is ticking. Tick-Tock...
• All aspect strategic warfare - economic, intelligence, diplomacy and military combat.
• Engage in plausible events and decisions like Political Assassinations, or Coups.
• Recruit historical leaders and individuals like Mao Zedong, Margaret Thatcher, or Ernesto ''Che'' Guevara.
• The Space Race is on! Will you claim technological superiority?

About Strategy Mill:

Strategy Mill has been an innovative designer and developer of PC-based strategy games. We love gaming and focus on creating well-designed, highly enjoyable entertainment experiences.

Our aspiration is to put strategic power into your hands, allowing you to command and wrestle with the large-scale challenges of our recent history. We love strategy games (more than you can imagine), and making a Cold War game means that it is vital to get the most knowledgeable developers in that historical era. By recruiting BL-Logic, we've done exactly that.

Additionally, exquisite visual experiences are being done by our industry veteran partners, Scribble Pad Studios (USA), and Polywick Studios (Singapore), whose previous game development experiences include Arsenal of Democracy, Tomb Raider, Uncharted 2, The Last of Us, League of Legends and many other known titles.

Official Website: http //strategy-mill.com
Like us at https //www.facebook.com/StrategyMill
Follow us at: https //twitter.com/strategymillab
Check out our IndieDB page: Indiedb.com

Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
Release date: TBD
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux
Developed by: Strategy Mill
Published by: Strategy Mill

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Dev diary 24low

Mr. President, I report about the preparation and course of the military operations in the Vietnam region. The concentration of US forces in the region near began in orderly fashion, without incident. On the evening of August 1st at 10:42, we were met by a determined attack and US forces put up strong organized resistance preventing enemy maneuvers. In the Saigon direction, friendly units advanced rapidly to reinforce along Highway 13. The initiative is on our side.

Today is extra special because not only are we releasing a brand new Development Diary, Dan Hunter, the legendary artist who joined our Terminal Conflict team and possibly best known for his breathtaking visual effects in project like Bioshock 2 and Halo 4 is hosting it for the first time.

Hello! My name is Dan Hunter and in this Dev Diary, and I will be introducing your retro computer graphical animations in Terminal Conflict. My task is to create animations for the deadly military units as seen in the BETA announcement trailer and to craft retro scenery terminal effects.

Simplicity is key

There were many different “states” for the military units in the game – movement, attack, defeat and so on. The biggest challenge is naturally to conveying to you and your opponent what a unit is doing at a well-balanced scale in the atmosphere of your retro computer terminal. The key is to go for simplicity, which paradoxically takes more time and effort to achieve.

The reason is that the complexity that one might think of at first glance usually does not communicate directly enough the situation when seen at smaller resolutions. I solve this by starting with a base design, iterating, simplifying, until I have an animation that in so few pixels as possible without compromising its intended message at virtually the smallest scale. A few days of work on the movement state of units looks like the image below.

Movement animation

A good start to involve the coding team and get the animations into the game engine.

Animation Tuning

After seeing them in game and satisfied with the initial results the polishing can begin. It is a process of making final adjustments to help readability. Fine-tuning the scale of effects and the velocity is but a few ways as it all influences the final look and feel of the units soon to be in your command. Units should have a “weight” to them and a well-balanced movement. See missiles and other objects demonstrate this in the animations below. This part is a collaborative effort on all sides (design, art and code) working together to make a polished final product.

Combat animation

Animation Staging

It is vital that the units show up where you would expect them to be so that it is completely and unquestionably clear where units will appear. US units on the left facing from West to East while the USSR is always to the right facing unmistakably in the opposite direction.

TerminalConflict SOASAnim

Details and Atmosphere

Another area I worked on was the addition of various terminal effects. These were effects of the terminal powering on and off. Capturing an atmosphere is essential to any great game. Those old enough to remember how old TVs turned on and off will have a good idea what that effect is like. For those that do not, I look forward to you experiencing it in Terminal Conflict. Many times, it is the small details and the touch of realism and authenticity that makes the experience complete.

I hope you enjoy the animations, what they add to the game, and see that they help enhance what is already a great game. Is there any particular type of retro animation you would like to see in Terminal Conflict? Make sure to get your voice heard on our Twitter , Facebook , or on Reddit. We do our best to respond!

Would you like to have news delivered about our game straight to you? Sign up at terminalconflict.com

Terminal Conflict - BETA Announcement Trailer

Terminal Conflict - BETA Announcement Trailer


Have you been looking for freedom? Look no longer! Sign up for your chance to bring liberation to the far corners of the world in the Steam BETA of Terminal...

Terminal Conflict - "WARGAMES" Development Diary 23

Terminal Conflict - "WARGAMES" Development Diary 23

News 2 comments

The scariest job on the planet and the single player WARGAMES Mode reveal are but two of the goodies in today's development diary. Be awesome!

Terminal Conflict - "Trusted Companion" Development Diary 22

Terminal Conflict - "Trusted Companion" Development Diary 22


There is more to your Terminal then meets the eye. Any journey worthwhile is one shared with a trusted companion! Meet up with your A.I. sparring partner...

Terminal Conflict - "Man, Duty and Loyalty" Development Diary 21

Terminal Conflict - "Man, Duty and Loyalty" Development Diary 21

News 3 comments

Command the wheels of history in this definitive Cold War grand strategy game. Ultimate power can sometimes requires an ultimate price. Explore the possibilities...


The interface reminds me of Fallout. I wonder if it's done on purpose.

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StrategyMill Creator

Thank you for your kind words! I did wish for my own NORAD command center terminal since I first saw it on the movie Wargames. We are flattered in the comparison and while there are similarities in some respect, such as our shared love of early age computer esthetics and our dire warnings about ignoring the dangers of nuclear weapons, we have no relation to the Fallout series.

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This looks awesome! Subscribed

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Game looks fantastic, hopefully the game will be released even if Kickstarter fails... :/

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

So Wargames finally will have a game that looks really good !
Subscribing :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

This is fantastic.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Very happy to see people excited! Hope you like what is coming up later today.

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