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Mobile and tablet games have opened up a new world of gaming anywhere and everywhere you want. You can slide, tap, shake and play all manner of games from family friendly educational titles to adventurous classics. On Slide DB we give developers a community they can share their ideas with and showcase the work they are doing, beyond the basic app stores and the highly contested "top charts".

About Us

With so much noise and content in the mobile gaming space, it is hard for developers of new IP to reach fans. At the moment mobile developers are mostly at the mercy of app-store top charts and editor curated blogs, both of which allow little control. The aim of Slide DB is to change this by putting the creators in control and providing them with another way of connecting with potential fans.

Almost all information you see on the site is posted by the games creators, and as a member of the community we encourage you to provide feedback and to track and support your favorite mobile games. Developers are a passionate bunch, they build games for the love of it and by giving them a voice and the ability to reach you (a potential fan), we hope we are helping them to create better games by fostering feedback between you and them. So get involved, get vocal and share your thoughts, give the developers on Slide DB the ideas and motivation they need to succeed, and above all else have fun - because that is what indie games do best.

Our History

The story begins back in 2002 when Mod DB first launched. While Mod DB was (as the name implies) a site for game modifications, we found a lot of indie developers adding their games to the site under the "standalone games" category. While indies were always an important part of the site, we never officially supported them until 2008 when Mod DB v4 was launched and we properly categorized indie games. While the Mod DB name confused many, we found indie games significantly rising in popularity over the years. This rise in popularity can be clearly attributed to three factors.

First and by far the most important is the growth in digital distribution which eliminated the need for a publisher, meaning even indie games made by one or two people with a tiny budget can still reach millions of potential customers. Secondly was consoles and the mobile phones opening up for the first time (XBox, PSN, iPhone etc) and actually allowing not just big companies make content. Finally the release of commercial and open source tools and engines like UDK and Unity meant that smaller teams now have access to the same technology that the big companies have. Combine these three factors, and indie games are getting stronger and growing in popularity by the day.

In 2009 during GDC, it was there that the Mod DB team met tons of brilliant indie developers (none of whom knew us) and we decided that wasn't good enough, so we must make a site for indie developers, just as we do for modders. Fast forward one year to the 2010 GDC, and Indie DB was launched by DBolical, a private Australian games company (who also runs Mod DB and Indie DB).

But the tipping point really occured in 2012 as we saw mobile gaming go from strength to strength. For the longest time we've wanted to make a site for mobile developers - and wish we did! But alas we didn't, and now mobile developers have few ways to promote their game other than praying they get featured by an editor or hit the top charts. We don't expect to work any miracles, but we hope by giving mobile developers a voice and centralized place to share what they are building they will be able to find more fans and hence Slide DB was launched. We look forward to playing your creations!

Slide DB Logos

If you want to include the Slide DB logo on your site, in-game or else where, the following logos are available for you to use. Download our mediakit for high-quality raw files.

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