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Unity is a feature rich, fully integrated development engine for the creation of interactive 3D content. It provides complete, out-of-the-box functionality to assemble high-quality, high-performing content and publish to multiple platforms. Unity helps indie developers and designers, small and major studios, multinational corporations, students and hobbyists to drastically reduce the time, effort and cost of making games.

Using Unity, you can publish your game on the following platforms: Mac OSX App, Windows Executable, Web Browsers (using the Unity WebPlayer), iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets, Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Unity supports the creation of almost any game imaginable, including:Browser-based MMOGs, First-person shooters, Racing games, Real-time strategy games, Third-person shooters, Roleplaying games, Side-scrollers, ...and many moreVisit the gallery section of our site to see some of the games that have been powered by Unity.

You can download Unity for free from anywhere on our website. No charge whatsoever and no strings attached. Anyone who meets the terms of the license agreement can use Unity to create, publish and sell games for desktop computers and the web at no cost.

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Warkeep's closed alpha has begun, and we've created a trailer showcasing the core functionality of the game. We are looking for testers for our closed alpha. To test, please join our Discord server for an invite. If you're unable to test, but would like to help support us in other ways, we also have a Patreon which will give you direct access to the team for whatever strikes your fancy along with better perks long term.

The closed alpha is currently broken into two modes: MyKeep and Endless.


Warkeep 2018 08 13 15 36 36 86

MyKeep is an online competitive mode which pits Warkeep players amongst one another. Players begin with the ability to construct a very simple keep while having the initial resources for a small army. From there, players can form the army into waves which can be sent at other players on the map. Defeating enemies via this army, or successfully defending the player's keep from incoming attacks, will increase rating while also generating resources.

Rating determines which players can be attacked, as well as the level of the player's MyKeep. Level determines what is accessible (larger armies, stronger keeps, better upgrades, heroes, and more). The soft goal of MyKeep is to have the highest rating by defeating all of the player's enemies while ensuring the player's keep is standing.

Resources are spent to purchase more pieces for keeps, train more units for the reserve army, hire strong heroes, teleport armies to reduce the time it takes for an army to arrive at a target, and more. They are primarily earned for successful attacks/defenses, but also can be gained from Endless as well as purchased via microtransactions (with level capping what can be done with microtransactions to ensure someone cannot Pay2Win).

Warkeep 2018 08 13 15 36 31 86

Reserve army units are put together into defined waves to establish a standing army that can be sent towards other players.

Warkeep 2018 08 13 15 36 56 86

And then juicy targets are ready to be selected, with flags determining the general difficulty of a target (white is an "easier" target based on rating, and red is a "harder" target).

Warkeep 2018 08 13 15 36 51 86

Find a good target, and have an army built and ready to be sent? Simply hit attack and the army will begin the trek towards that target. This is an easier we're constantly tweaking, with the initial timer being 8 hours. Upgrades in the tech tree related to logistics will reduce this up to half, while the wizard mentor can teleport the entire army to or from a target for a nominal resources fee.


Warkeep 2018 08 13 15 03 42 61

Endless is both a local play and leaderboard driven mode. For someone not willing to create an account and be online to try out MyKeep, it contains the core elements of Warkeep: the ability to build a keep, and the ability to fight against an onslaught of waves to survive as long as possible. For someone new to the game, its a great way to get their feet wet, while seasoned players can use this as a way to test keep designs in order to be able to handle anything thrown their way. As an added bonus, in leaderboard mode, the top 1000 players per day receive a resources bonus for MyKeep.

Warkeep 2018 08 13 15 01 09 27

Building a keep functions like traditional tile matching games. Pieces are levitated via the Warkeep artifact but slowly fall towards the ground. They can be rotated and shifted left, right, or down. The general goal is to ensure that the keep core (shown as the doors with the hero) are well fortified as their destruction means the loss of the keep. Amongst normal pieces are rooms which contains a unit. "Rotating" a room will change the type of unit inside. These units will passively defend the keep to their death, with ranged units on the edge of a keep shooting out through a window while any other room position allowing the unit to leave through the doors and engage enemies outside.

Warkeep 2018 08 13 15 02 24 27

Defenses add the final touches to the keep. They add towers to the top that will passively attack enemies within range. They are similar to rooms on the edge, with the added benefit that siege towers are the only reliable way to take out incoming siege enemies.

In Endless mode, rooms and towers can be upgraded by clicking on them and spending gold to make them more effective. In MyKeep, resources are spent while in the peaceful "view" mode when there are not incoming enemies. In both modes, when a room reaches max level, it offers the ability to upgrade to an elite unit type (not currently in closed alpha). These elite units have pros and cons, but greatly support the defense of the keep.

Warkeep 2018 08 13 15 03 57 61

The hero is a very strong unit that can be controlled similar to RTS games. On the left side of the screen are six abilities. The top one is hero move. This functions by sending the hero to the chosen location, where the hero will attack all units along the way. It can be used multiple times positioning the hero wherever is needed. The second ability is retreat which will cause the hero to return to the safety of the keep core and heal up.

The remaining abilities provide an active touch to the game and along with the hero allow the player to interact without simply watching the rooms/towers fight back. They are very strong, but still follow the same rules as the units which use their attacks (i.e. rain of arrows is not effective towards armored units or siege, while barrage will tear through all unit types but has a longer cooldown).

Warkeep 2018 08 13 15 04 02 61

The gameplay of Endless and MyKeep (when defending the keep) is largely identical. Getting practice in Endless will make the attacks coming in within MyKeep much easier to handle, along with providing a good blueprint for what to expect when the player's MyKeep is higher level (with an Endless keep largely being what the player would expect at max level).

Closed Alpha

We currently have the core functionality in with a few exceptions. MyKeep and Endless are fully playable. Elite units are currently not in, and we are still balancing the starting pieces/army for MyKeep. The goal is to refine the core before adding in the MyKeep leveling mechanism as well as shop to spend resources for upgrades. When we're confident the core gameplay is balanced and fun, we'll plug in the remaining features and test them fully. As mentioned at the beginning, please join our Discord server if you wish to help test. We are looking to provide bonuses for MyKeep for anyone that helps us during this period, while also allowing folks that play Endless now to begin accruing a good resources bonus.

Why Discord? We want to ensure that anyone testing has direct communication with the team. This way if there are any bugs or feedback, we can immediately resolve it. We expect to open up testing once the other features of MyKeep are implemented which should be within the next few months.

We look forward to seeing how everyone likes the direction we've taken with Warkeep, and invite everyone to come join this testing period! And also as mentioned at the start, if you're unable to test, but would like to help support us in other ways, we also have a Patreon which will give you direct access to the team for whatever strikes your fancy along with better perks long term.

- Quarter Onion Games

Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts

Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts

Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts 1 comment

Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts is now released in the playstore.

New features and gifs from internal testing

New features and gifs from internal testing

Football Story

We’ve been doing plenty of internal playtests to test some new gameplay tweaks and the improved network architecture. Here are some of our thoughts...

Robothorium - Gameplay Trailer

Robothorium - Gameplay Trailer

Robothorium: Tactical Revolution (RPG / Strategy)

Today, we are going to be quick. Here is the latest gameplay walkthrough of Robothorium made by the studio. Enjoy 🤖

Here's Unfledged

Here's Unfledged


A bird that can't fly must find a different way to move in the sky. Luckily the main character of "Unfledged" found a way to move around by building a...

Add game Games
Symphony of Stars

Symphony of Stars


Once it was all fable. In each galaxy and on each planet, everyone thought they were alone. Then the first Keyturn happened. Change occurs in a heartbeat...




Feudums is all about the vibe and feel for epic medieval strategy game campaigns, with writing, game design, visuals and music all serving a single purpose...

Brother Wake Up

Brother Wake Up


The evil sorcerer Watchmaker put to sleep your little brother and broke the clock so they couldn't go. Now a dream for your younger brother will last...



Turn Based Strategy

Fightlings combines context-based gathering with intense one-on-one duels for an unforgettable mobile gaming experience. Collect resources, summon creatures...

Quiz: All about everything!

Quiz: All about everything!


Free quiz that allows you to learn a lot about the world!



Tower Defense

Warkeep is a side scrolling tower defense game that combines elements of tile-matching puzzle solving to build a keep with the traditional flair of a...

Raven's Path

Raven's Path

Real Time Tactics

Raven's Path is a Tactical Action RPG for Android and IOS

Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts

Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts


Master of Rogues - The Seven Artifacts is a Dungeon-Crawler, Roguelike-like RPG. Every Game is different, with randomized Levels, enemies, three different...

Football Story

Football Story


You are a new guy in the neighborhood. Happens that you love football - and you meet people who are crazy about football too. So it starts! Assume control...

Defend The Tower: TD strategy

Defend The Tower: TD strategy

Tower Defense

Explore 5 star Tower Defense game with top action and strategy now! GAME FEATURES: ★ Fun gameplay with many unique enemies and maps. ★ Beautiful graphics...

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Hi everyone.
Does unity support medieval mapping and weaponry options?
Could I make my very own RPG game with this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Yes of course. It's one of the most robust game engines out there.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Despite what some people say, Unity is a very useful engine. It's really easy to use and get the hang of.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

love the engine, I'm just not that good at it yet lol.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Great Engine.
An engine up to large projects. We use it in Oberion Games and recommend !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes


I'm looking for a serial number for unity 5 pro version. If anyone could hit me up with that I would appreciate greatly. Thank you.

sorry that was me before. for some reason i wasn't logged in.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-10 votes

Really nice engine. Could use a more updated UI. Still learning. HOW DOES I CAMERA???

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

Unity is the best! We are developing a vehicular combat DesperatioN with Unity. Making the best of the graphics and physics check us out guys Slidedb.com Desperationgame.com

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Love Unity. Its easy to use, very user friendly and the support is out of this world with tons of video tuts...
why would you choose anything else really.
and if any 1 is intrested check out the game im making atm

yea i totally made this comment to try get people to chech my blogs out, sue me XD

Stay Indie chaps..

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

God bless unity!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
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The advantages of Unity are: +You can build for nearly all major plattforms +Easy to learn +Great assets pipeline, which supports most 3D packages +Great and helpful community and hundreds of useful tutorials +Good documentation +A big fund as backbone. So this engine will be further developed and getting better +one of the most optimized mobile engines So why I give only 7 out of 10? Well, Unity has unfortunately some really weak points: -Basic version is free. But if you serious about game development…

Sep 21 2011 by dongiboy2000


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