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The Quake engine is the game engine that was written to power 1996's Quake, written by id Software. It featured true 3D realtime rendering and is now licensed under the GPL.

After release it immediately forked, as did the level design. Much of the engine remained in Quake II and Quake III Arena. The Quake engine, like the Doom engine, used Binary space partitioning (BSP). The Quake engine also used Gouraud shading for moving objects, and a static lightmap for nonmoving objects.

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Inferno v1.0.0 for Quake one


--- Bugs and glitches. ---

In the game any more not Dopefish. Yeah, guys, it's so.

All Dopefishes are replaced on Zombies.

With Dopefishes was only glitches.

If sharply kill'd big crowd of monsters, on few seconds maybe off sound of shot (any weapon).

Thus in the left top corner is deduced message: "Packet overflow".

It's not deadly. 3-5 seconds and shot-sound get it back.

The note: in the most powerful engines (fitzQuake, joeQuake, DarkPlaces) such problem should not be.

Shalrat (Vore) on the last level just stand and guard teleport, shells and nails.

Teleportation at them work there is enough crookedly, so that.

On the E4M5 127 monsters, not 128. Yep, my bad.

Little bug, my bad.

On the E1M4 before a silver door should be respawn a Ogre. It's a bug original game.

That Ogre respawn you need to approach to silver door and *know* what that closed.

And only then to pick'd up silver key.

In taht case Ogre - respawn and kill-counter will show the correct value - 69/ 69.

E1M4 2

If to make on the contrary, Ogre is not respawn and counter will show 68/ 69.

--- Compatibility. ---

[v] Compatibly:

- Original first Quake 1.09 (Winmode)

- fitzQuake 0.85+

- proQuake 4.93+

- DarkPlaces engine

- Com Beloko 2.1.1+ / Android 4.1+

[x] Not compatibly:

- QuakeWorld

- ezQuake

- nQuake (any)

- joeQuake 0.15b+ (maybe glitches)

--- On the Windows, instruction. ---

- open folder Quake

- find folder Id1, opened

- in folder Id1 find two files - PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK

- we do backup copies of these two files

- delete files PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK

- copy files PAK0.PAK and PAK1.PAK from folder "Inferno v1.0.0" in folder Id1

- thats's all, press on Winquake.exe (Quake.exe) and let's go.

--- On the Android, instruction. ---

- we instal modification Inferno v1.0.0 in Quake (look the instruction above)

- we download Com Beloko 2.1.1+ on Android (recommended Android 4.1+)

- we start .apk-file. Don't start! It is not necessary for us yet

- we connect a device to the PC

- copy folder Id1 from the Quake on the device: sdcard (sdcard0)/beloko/quake/full/id1

- that's all, press on the Quake (Beloko Quake) and let's go.

--- Copyrights. ---

Quake I.

Version: 1.09 (24778 CRC)

The developer: id software (c)

The published: Activision (c)

Date: 1996

Language: english


Version: 1.0.0

The developer: Michael Miller (c)

The published: ---

Date: March - August 2015

Language: english

--- The note. ---

In the file DirectX Diag full configuration.

* Sorry, guys, this is translation. My bad english ;)

Some screenshots.

--- Test screenshot (early version). ---

Test screenshot

--- Other screenshots. ---

Prepare to die!


E1M7 (2)

It's a Quake, baby!



E1M1 (2)

E1M1 (3)


Preview Image
Inferno v1.0.0 for Quake one
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Solitude Update: 42

News 43 comments

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Solitude: Update #36

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Solitude: Update #35

Solitude: Update #35

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>you can only make standalone games with this when owning "Quake" by id Software.

Not true. The "Quake Engine" source has been released under the GPL.

What this really meant to say was if you make a quake one mod that references or uses quake one media (textures, compiled maps, models or sounds) the recipient must own quake one. In other words, you are not licensed to re-distribute iD software proprietary media with your releases.

You could easily make a stand-alone (GPL, free, or even commercial) game as long as you re-release the modified engine code under the GPL, *AND* make (or license) all your own models, maps, sounds and textures.

The restriction would be that you could not use any quake one: textures, compiled maps, models or sounds.

The quake one map sources have also been released, but I'm not sure under what license.

For reference see: Open Quartz - Sourceforge.net

This is a complete GPL release that you could use to build a GPL game with no restrictions on licensed content.

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thx really helped

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

What you need this to play NZP or what????
plz help

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Note to all: THe Quake Engine was just the Doom Engine (also used in the two earlier games, Wolfenstien and Catacomb (which came first), but with 3D Models and Mouse Look, two things that the Doom Engine did not have.

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Wolf 3d used a texture mapping engine

Doom used Id tech 1 which is capable of sectors but not room over room

Quake uses another engine which is capable of room over room technology and a bunch of other stuff like 3D floors (slopes and wedges)

Thank you

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The Quake engine is NOT Doom engine with a few new features, Everything in Quake engine is new (relative to Doom). It is possible that a few lines are straight from Doom Engine. Also, Wolfenstien 3D and Catacomb 3D are not on Doom engine, their engine functionality is much lower, all the lighting had to be the same, all rooms were square, and, in the case of Catacomb 3D I believe it did not have a 256-color palette. Adding mouselook to Doom would cause strange texture mapping on most objects, and adding 3D models to the Doom renderer would be very hard, and, in most cases, wouldn't look as good as Quake.

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First of all, you can only make standalone games with this when owning "Quake" by id Software.

The SourceCode can be find here: Gamers.org
The sourcecode is the engine, the executable file (.exe).

The gamecode is written in the language "QuakeC", a selfmade language by id Software which is C like. Quaketastic.com

If you are new to Quake modding, visit this site: Inside3d.com

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Quake-C source code:
Includes painkeep support: Moddb.com (.qc found in "source code" directory)
Includes hipnotic support: Moddb.com

All qc compiler errors are fixed in these sets. They are ready for modding.

Painkeep 2.2 includes visible weapons support for the standard quake 1 weapons and painkeep items, frikbots and pk*bots. You will need painkeep 2.0 for all the models: Moddb.com (follow instructions included to install this mod) If you are going to base a mod on painkeep 2.0, you pretty much have to get the full install.

If you use the hipnotic Quake-C and dont have the mission pack "Scourge of Armagon" - Amazon.com - installed, you will not be able to use any hipnotic item. You wont have the models.

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For help with Quake-C coding try this resource: .qc - Moddb.com
Feel free to post questions on the comment board or in the forum: hard_code() Moddb.com

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wtf? this engine is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YHEA.

Dec 15 2010 by JTMD

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