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Programmers located Anywhere.

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I am looking to start up a small game developing group to begin making (a) game(s).

The project will be free work, (i would like to sell it so it depends on the revenue)

First Project
We'll work on a shooter in which the players are put into a huge labyrinth (different spawns) and
fight each other.

They spawn with a pistol and must kill in order to earn XP and Money, with XP they unlock skills, and with Money, they buy weapons.

It will be a neverending game, with constant online server(s)

The particularity is when you die, you lose XP, Gold, Kills.

genre - FPS
Multiplayer - Yes
Singleplayer - No
Paying game, or F2P

Basic List of Features (Possibly more if think of any)

- Realistic Movement System -
player moves at a realistic pace and jump. This could also have a exaustion system so he gets tired from running or jumping and pants until he regains his breath and energy.

- Weapon System -
shooting, aiming, reloading, ammo, inc...

- Shop System -
Classic shop (with premium money if F2P)

- Networking -
Would like to get a basic network system going to support 16 players or 32 if possible.

- Scoreboard -
*Kill (This life)
*Death (This life)
*Ratio (This life)
*Time played (This life)
*Kill (From the beginning)
*Death (From the beginning)
*Ratio (From the beginning)
*Time played (From the beginning)

- Music -

90's styles music (HM like) (and dubstep)

- Style -

Futuristic neon style

- Account System -
This way people have to create a account and maybe we could have it keep track of the total amount of kills and deaths they get.


Any language (C++, C#, Java...)

English - French translation (maybe others)

- People Needed -

Programmer - (at least 2 or 3)

Game Designer


Sound Designer/Composer

Need 90's style music (refer to HM soundtrack)

Project Manager - Me

Quality Assurance / Tester


To Apply

Please send me a message or mail with your role you wish to play in the development or any comments.

(Must have atleast a decent understanding and ability in/of your role)

We will be communicating threw Skype and Discord and sharing files on Drive.

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