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Hello, my name's Anthony and I need a programmer/programmers to help create a 2d, turn based rpg fighting game demo. You need to be familiar with Unity as that is the engine it is currently being built through and you need to have a Github account so you can download and make changes to the game.

There are currently three programmers working on it, however progress is slow and sometimes halted on their ends so it would help a lot to have another experienced programmer willing to consistently work on the game. Of course, because the position is unpaid I won't be demanding or expecting frequent contributions, however, any small contributions you can offer will be much appreciated so that soon we can get this demo completed and I can actually begin offering you paid work for the full game.

Now the sales pitch for why you should be interested in the creation of this game. It has unique fighting mechanics and a leveling up system which separate it from all other turn based fighting games. The characters are all funny and relevant to the story, there are no random encounters as the story takes place in a world after previous heroes have already defeated all monsters. The game will be simple to program(as in not requiring any extra work of making sense of the game), all story, dialogue, fighting mechanics, level layout and character stats have been written out already. It's 100% complete aside from being an actual game, pretty much any question you have about the game I can answer, I merely need you to take everything I have written and turn it into a playable game.

If interested, thank you very much, please contact me so I can add you to the project and we can create an amazing demo.

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