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Sita Digital Media is seeking for a level designer for a demo we want to reveal on Kickstarter. I'm a single developer who is hiring a small team of game developers. Since I soon will begin the production, I am ready to start my Kickstarter project.

- You have a Discord account, so we can discuss some ideas about the level
- The engine I'm using is Unity 3D, so you have no problem working with it
- You're able to create an open location with interactive object
- You are open to hear new suggestions, ideas and concepts
/ You can also build a level based on concepts
- Because I will soon launch the Kickstarter project, you have no problem working on it for at least 2 or days 3 a week.

- Your name will (obviously) be mentioned in the credits under "Level Designers"

Since I am a new company starting from zero, this is an unpaid job. After launching the Kickstarter project, you will get paid for your work if it generates profit. I'm looking forward working with you on the full project.

Send me an e-mail with the reason why I should hire you, then we will discuss the main things and I will send you the concepts and sketches of the characters.

See you soon.

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