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The game "Legend of Spirits" is a 2D multiplayer card game based on the style of Hearthstone and PVZ Heroes, where humans (players) control spirits (playable classes) who fight each other representing their factions or allegiances whether it be themselves or their empire to fight for supremacy. Besides the serious story, the game is supposed to be pretty lighthearted and fun looking!

I am looking for artists who can design playable boards, design cards, concept art, and animate for videos and in game animations.

Mostly I am looking for someone who can draw new character designs, (which are the playable classes) draw the cards and the design of the cards themselves, (the boarders of the cards), create concept art from basic descriptions, (especially in a way that will look similar to what is already in the game) animate videos for trailers, especially when we're crowdfunding to actually start commercializing the game, (once the demo is done) and for the in game effects, we want the game to look really awesome and make it look as fun loving as possible even with the serious story, so that's what we're looking for!

There is no pay, this is all strictly volunteer work. But, the plan for this game is to eventually commercialize the game. This will happen once we create the demo, and it has successfully reached it's goal on a crowdfunding page, or if that fails, when the final product of the game is created years later. The game will need to be maintained and updated even after the final product has been released for those who wish to work on this game for a long time.

Thank you for considering our team as an option, and I hope to work with you soon!

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If you are interested, or if you have any questions, please let me know at my email! "" The latest I reply is within 48 hours (it is normally a lot quicker than that, though!)

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