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Hello there,

If you are creative, passionated for adventure games and want to make a game with your identity, this job is for you!

We are a team of 3 guys (developer, game designer and roteirist)from Brazil decided to release a demo in october. There is a huge event in october here and we're planning to have a demo to raise funds to develop the whole game.

The game is an adventure with stealth elements and time travel. The game happens in a dystopic world where the government cuts all the communication and information of citizens. So you don't know why the world is that way or why you live that way, but you just accept. You control Runa, a intern/no-important member of resistence that goes to a mission to capture one time-machine from the government. Things go wrong and important members of resistence get lost in some time in the past, and only you were there to know where to search. You go for a quest to find your friends and answers about the world as well to a way to free your people from this imperial world.

We have some concepts and start to make some gameplay prototypes, but we need an artist to give some identity to the game as well, make models and textures.

There is no requirements for this position, but the passion to make a game with your identity.

You will be provide with shares of game and be part of the team, hopefully if we raise money to make this happen!

To Apply

send your portfolio (if you have) to with some words about why you want to participate in this project. We're looking forward to talk to you :)

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