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Posted by JDubU on

My name is Josh Williams. I've prototyped several games in gamemaker studios and I have a great idea I think I can execute on.

The game I want to make is a simulation fishing game with a deep metagame and light rpg elements. Think stardew valley, animal crossing, or other types of games where they have an addictive fishing mechanic. I need someone to draw the environments, inventory items, and character animations. Then, I want to take those ideas and expand on it, eventually turning it into a nice demo that we can pitch on kickstarter. I expect this to take maybe around 6 months of work for a polished demo and trailer.

I know a little bit about pixel art and animation, but my art all looks like crap. For this to go well, I really need to work with someone who loves art and know's what they are doing.

I'm a junior computer science major, and my girlfriend is marketing. So we can take care of the code, game design, and PR. What I definitely need is a passionate artist good at making colorful fun pixel art and willing to take a risk with me! I can't pay you yet, but I'm looking into incorporating soon and turning into a legitimate game development studio. After I graduate, we'll definitely have more time to devote to the game, but right now this is a part time project.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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