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Posted by Turmoil Studios on

Hello everyone,

My name is Kyle Stankovich, and I am a programmer from Turmoil Studios. We are currently developing a mobile game for Android, and have been in need of a 3D artist for a while, and now we also need a graphic artist.

To see the game you will be working on, click this link:

Requirement for 3D Artist:
- Speak great English
- Ability to create mobile friendly 3D art
- Ability to model and animate low poly humanoids

Requirement for for Graphic Artist:
- Speak great English
- Ability to create logo for game that appeals to everyone

What you will be doing:
The 3D artist will be in charge of making any sort of assets needed for the game. Right now, we have built the entire game using assets from the Unity3D Asset Store, and we have realized that it is time to move on and get ourselves an artist. The biggest task you will have is creating all the different characters for the game. We want to allow the player to select different characters, and all of those characters will have customization clothing options. You must also be able to animate those characters. If you can do that, than please apply, we want you! Even if you just know how to model characters but aren't very good at anything else, please still apply.

If you are a Graphic Artist, you will be in charge of creating the logos for us. As of now, our current logo for the game is terrible, and we really need an appealing logo. You will be in charge of making a great looking logo for the studio, and a logo for our game, Battle Dash. You may also need to create a logo for an article that we post on SlideDB every once in a while.

To Apply

Simply send us an email at turmoilindiestudios@gmail.com with a link to your portfolio included. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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