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App of the Year

Welcome to the 5th Annual App of the Year Awards, a celebration of the years finest mobile and tablet games chosen by you and us. For the next 11 days it is up to you to vote for your favorite apps so that they may make the top 50. Once the top 50 is determined we will continue tallying votes until the December 21st, with the winners announced shortly after.

Last year the first prize was awarded to the charming Brave & Little Adventure. Coming in second was the fantasy RPG Asgard Run and in third place we had the gorgeous and deceptively challenging Cyclos: Revolution. As well as App of the Year we will also be running the Indie of the Year and Mod of the year . If you'd like a bigger picture of how things wen't down last year feel free to check out the other top contenders as well as our editor's choice as we do every year alongside the players choice.


Nominations have begun there are over 2500 apps to vote for right now

Only the best will make it through to the next round and we need your help finding them. Check out the years headlines, or what's hot right now for information about all the big 2016 releases.

We've counted your nominations and narrowed the field to the top 50!

Time for a further 10 days of intense voting to begin on the top 50 page. At the end of this we shall be crowning the 2016 App of the Year and also the 2016 Editors Choice.

Embed the widget we've made to help promote the apps you're a fan of

Just don't forget to vote and if you have friends - why not encourage them to particpate as well... AND MAY THE BEST APP WIN!