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WazHack is a procedurally-generated dungeon game. This is not a button mashfest - you can spend all the time you need contemplating your actions. With over 300 different types of items to be found, there are many different ways to deal with the more than 130 different types of monsters. You will have to use your sword or staff as much as your inventory. It's not a game of plodding to the end and winning (though it is winnable), it's about experiencing the attempt... and learning lessons that will help your next valiant attempt!

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THE most awesome game! New life to the 'Rogue' type. Totally replayable again and again.


L0n3r says

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A masterpiece. Immediate, deep, replayable and satisfying.


A goddamned beautiful rogue-like for a new generation, but one that pays respect to the old. This is Nethack with good graphics, with all the corniness thrown out, and only slightly less epic.

And it doesn't feel like playing DnD with the world's biggest prick DM like Nethack does, either.

"I put my lamp in my bag."

"Your bag burns up, destroying everything inside. You didn't say you extinguished it."

"I.. I'm going home."


Great game, I've followed it since the beta started and it's still fun every time!


Heiach says

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It goes without saying that I think this game is amazing! And unlike all other Rogue-likes, this one has multi-player (to a degree), but it's good enough and massively fun (especially if you're all on a voice chat program)!

Many evening games have accidentally turned into 'oops it's 9am' games. It's just so addictive and fun!

I've done a review of Wazhack on youtube (link below) and a lot of more of thoughts on the game can be heard there!

WARNING: I do complete the game... so SPOILERS!

Check it out:


McNub says

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Amazing game, enjoying it greatly. It's your traditional "roguelike" with the ASCII grid you usually see. I highly recommend this game to true "roguelike" fans.

What a nice game.
Very good grafics for such a low budget game.
Nice gameplay and so much variety. And still updates come to increase variety


So much fun for such a small price!


A fun and thoughly replayable laugh fest! Never before has a game had me genuinly laugh out load so many times. Whether it be eating a magic mushroom, being polymorphed into a rat, or accidently equipping a cursed mummy wrap the outcome is sure to entertain. A tough difficulty and learning curve leave you being constantly challenged, and for the low price I will surely be recommending it to all my friends. The occasional bug and crash does take away ever so slightly, but there's even a handy report button ingame :] very enjoyable to say the least.


ymmu says

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An awesome interpretation of NetHack in a simple modern look. Not merely a port but another milestone in the rougelike branch.

The tradition of luring the player into situations where he happily murders himself instead of thinking continues -- lucky are those who learned patience an easier way.

WazHack is NetHack enough to be recognised by veteran players and fresh enough to be interesting for anyone who likes the challenge to the mind rather than to latency and reflexes.

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THE most awesome game! New life to the 'Rogue' type. Totally replayable again and again.

Jun 26 2012 by superrat250