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Blacksmith is a Resource Management-Role Playing Game. You play as a blacksmith and craft your way to riches and glory! Fill your store as you create each weapon! Improve your Skills as either a Craftsman, Merchant or Enchanter! Over 300 different crafting combinations to create!!

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Lunaticraze says

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Graphics: -
Gameplay: ★
Story: -
Music&Sounds: ★
Atmosphere: ★
Fun: ★


This game totally exceeded my expectations. I liked it a lot and despite the simple concept it wasn't boring or tiring. The graphics were sadly extremely plain and the story non existant. The sounds were decent and all together the game was quite fun to play. Unfortunately the rating can not be higher than this, because there is a lot of unused potential which leaves room for the better. With some edits and more graphical effort the game would be a lot more enjoyable. I also believe that the game ends too soon. There is no way to resume gameplay after those 108 days which turn out to be extremely short - about 20 minutes of gameplay. All together: Good idea but the execution still needs improvement.


CosmicRaven says

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Well, I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. At first the game comes of as a little bit confusing, there are a few things that should be clarified... For example I still don't know why things suddenly go black in the menu (although I suspect it marks that I have already crafted the item in the past, if this is it, a simple green tick would have sufficed). Also, good luck finding out that you can improve your skills, because the tutorial doesn't even mention it, I discovered it by chance because I accidentally clicked the hidden "Skill Upgrade" button. I didn't even know how to buy new materials, I was stuck with rock, wood and bronze, because the tutorial tells you to "explore the map" to find new ones, when in reality you have to invest money to improve your trading skills.

The difficulty is extremely easy, at first you will have to deal with some monetary issues but once you get the skill that allows you to upgrade weapons you will be set for life since it increases the price of the weapon at a RIDICULOUSLY low chance of breaking the weapon.

But enough complaining let's get to the good part. The gameplay is very absorbing, I found myself playing for quite a while, the artwork is actually really cool, although it looks like it was made on MS Paint it fits the feeling of the game and the music is relaxing and fitting for a long playthrough.

With some improvements you have a really good game, an excellent concept that could be really addictive.


blacksmiththegame says

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So much to like about this.

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