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Hey there,
hope you're doing well.

Save The Earth! is a crazy bullet hell in which users take control of the planet Earth (or other planters purchasable from the planet store) and try to keep it safe as long long as possible by dodging all the crazy stuff in the outer space (rockets, UFOs, meteors, satellites etc). There are also other features like power ups to make the game more interesting. It's also good to mention that the game is going to released for the Android platform.

The game is almost done and is in open beta currently. That said, it's kind of done, however, we might alter it upon testers' requests during the open beta release.

As the marketer you'll be tasked with managing social media accounts and interacting with possible users. Your primary goal would be to gather a user base who'd like to download the game after the actual release. However, we'll continue our collaboration after the launch as well, and you'll carry on interacting with people online in favor of more downloads (and also to hear from players what they want changed/added in the game).

Please note that the two things that we strongly insist on are: 1.Being active on social media and actually dedicating time to interact with people hence gathering users. 2.Keeping the team updated on the progress of the stuff you're doing.

This is a rev-share project. So you'll receive a good fixed portion of the income as the marketer.

Have a wonderful day!

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