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Artists located Louisville, KY.

Posted by Code Breaker Games on

Code Breaker Games is an independent software development company located in Louisville, Kentucky. We are currently developing the 3D sports game, Ball Out for PC. Ball Out is a competitive and realistic basketball with many innovative features and game modes for multiplayer and single player.

We are currently seeking a concept artist that can give our vision life through their creative and innovative illustrations. This position is part of a revenue sharing agreement with the expectation of becoming a salaried employee in the near future. This position will require task deadline being set and met in a reasonable amount of time.

Responsibilities and Duties
• Collaborate with Creative Director and art team to design artwork for use in game and in marketing campaigns.
• Create rough sketches, concept art, and polished illustrations within a timely manner.
• Create original and unique character and environment content.
• Understand and absorb positive feedback.
• Attend team development meetings regularly.
Requirements and Preferred
• Experienced using and possesses graphics design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and/or Autodesk Sketch.
• Experienced using and possesses a graphic tablet.
• Understands color, light, and perspective.
• Proficient in both stylized and realistic art.
• Experienced in both character and environmental design.
• Excellent written and verbal communication.
• A passionate and dedicated team player.
• Passion for video games of all kinds.
• Shipped a game as a concept artist. (preferred)
• Experience in UI and UX. (preferred)
• Working knowledge of 3D art software and practices. (preferred)

Revenue shares are being offered to team members and are negotiable on a person by person basis. At this time we are unable to offer wages or monetary compensation. As soon as funds are available we will approach team members to discuss compensation modification. For all compensation agreements, both parties will have a full understanding and mutual agreement.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Corie Collins
Code Breaker Games, LLC

To Apply

Send your resume and/or portfolio link to coriecollins@codebreakergames.com

Louisville, KY
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