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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by shafkathasan on

Required an artist for the 001 GAME CREATOR. If you are not familiar with it, check it out on INDIE DB. Skills are required to be good with 8 BIT drawings and additional support would of terrain designing.

What we need from you is a strict 8 BIT pixel character designer.

Payment will differ to the success of the game. We already have an amazing script writer, a compiler and all we need is a good PIXEL CHARACTER DESIGNER to proceed with the game.

The game is definitely story based and the characters will the most noted ones on it.

The work is very simple and the game creator is free. We do not have the budget to buy the complete version at the moment but if the game succeeds on it's goal, this could turn into a legit company and move forward in the future, due to the fact that we have dedicated script writer and a maker.

We will need your support and all your dedication into this game because we all are planning to make this game big and good enough for some dollars. But that depends on you guys. The better the character/terrain, the more good looking the game will be.

Optional: Terrain Designing

You can either help out with the character or the terrain textures. We but require someone with the knowledge of designing good PIXEL terrains. The work is rather simple and we would do it ourselves but we lack the time and the patience to create both the game and the graphics.

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