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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by morty19067 on

Skype is a must use as primary form of communication. My handle is MORFICTION. I am a writer with no real talent in doing artwork. I also suffer from a learning disability so conventional means of being taught rarely works for me.

I need help designing characters for books I have written. An artist had provided some great material but we drifted apart. I also need to design the world for my Hero Engine project. If you've played SWTOR or ESO and think you can do better, here's your chance.

My ultimate goal is to create a virtual world or "Universe" around my fiction with the help of fellow storytellers and artists. Programmers and model makers would be a bonus but I am in the planning stages.

I have a sample Game Design Document (GDD). If you have experience with tabletop RPGs or other RPG systems I also need help adapting a Dominion Rules system to a unique online RPG ruleset.

The world itself will branch over several genres such as fantasy, scifi, space travel, cyberpunk, Old West, or whatever.

Need 3D Modelers for assets. Commercial Licensed, non-student user of 3D Max or Maya would be great. Blender is okay, too.

Also need 2D artists, writers.

If you've used Second Life or some other sim such as that you will find it not too hard to use the basic editing solutions within Hero Engine for terrain and such.

Character models can be prototyped in Daz3D or FUSE.

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I do not work for Idea Fabrik, I'm just a client. Email resume/ portfolio to facattack@yahoo.com attn "Mick" with subject "Virtual Meeting Place." Thank you.

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