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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by aidangig on


I am interested in hiring self-driven, passionate, Level Designers for my latest project, Breach of Contract Reloaded.
The ideal candidates will have experience in game design, strong visual aesthetics, solid problem solving skills and like us are passionate about playing and creating great games!
Take a look for yourself at my game below. I plan on integrating micro transactions for the game in the next few weeks, as of now, the game is Free to Play

- Passion for making GREAT games!
- Create fun and exciting experiences using an array of game mechanics.
- Own & drive major design initiatives from start to finish.
- Good spatial and layout design skills.
- Ability to communicate effectively with other designers, management and peers in other disciplines.
- 6 months experience, typically on a FPS project.
- Unity/Unreal experience
- Lighting experience

Breach of Contract Reloaded is a game developed by myself primarily, and I am in need of new talent. Breach of Contract Reloaded is a pre-revenue game project and I plan to grow and scale the project in players, and revenue in the
near future. I cannot continue development alone and I am looking for new talent. I can’t wait to see everything the community has to offer!

Breach of Contract Reloaded has had over 20,000 units so far! We have quite the game, but just need a new talent to work aside.

To Apply

Send Resume/Portfio to aidangig@gmail.com. Very small team don’t worry, we are open to most.
(Optional) Add me on Skype, aidangignac

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