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Programmers located USA.

Posted by Anywhere on

I am a narrative writer looking to start an indie development team to help me create a heavily story-based game. I am looking for sound designers, programmers, modelers, level designers, and everything else a video game requires. Though I am hoping to create a horror game, I am more than willing to discuss with you about your ideas to create a game and compelling narrative.

I am wanting to start a company with you and build a future of gaming that will sweep gaming platforms for generations to become. I am looking for hard workers that are serious about their futures and the gaming industry as a whole.

I will ask of you to work diligently on our project and meet your appropriate deadlines. This is completely serious, and I hope to immediately begin work as soon as the team is created. I have an entire outline and narrative prepared for two different games, and I want you to come to the table with the skills and knowledge that will be able to rival AAA gaming companies. I want people who are capable of using modern gaming design tools (ex: Unreal Engine 4).

To Apply

Send a letter to jermfrost7@gmail.com explaining your role in the team, your experience (if any), your aptitude in your desired role, and what you could uniquely bring to the team.

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