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BiO: Hello, My name is Curtis i have spent the last 10 years drawing and drawing retro games and i did something for fun to remaster the original super Mario Bro, that never saw the light just been kept as a idea with a few drawings and i have a great game idea for a new retro game that i have come up with and i have built all the charactors and new bosses for the new retro game, but i need a gaming programmer that can help me build this into a actually playing game, and i need to help and i cant got to much into details about this new game but this is a new retro game that will have a great start to it.

Revenue Share: i'm willing to do a revenue share for this game and any programmer that helps me build this game will have a revenue share for this new retro game.

What I'm Looking For: I'm looking for one to three programmers with new gaming ideas and to help me build this game from top to bottom and i want a great environment to bring new life to this new retro game that i have made.

You would be asked to work 2-3 hours each day and this is a volunteer position but could lead to a paid position down the road but their is a revenue share once this game hits the market.

If this is something you would like to do please send your resume to my email address and lets talk and see if you are a great fit for this game.

To Apply

please send your resume to the following email address. Curtisbridges61@gmail.com

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