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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Project Title:


Athena is a sci-fi, multiplayer first-person shooter with hardcore tactical elements that include dismemberment. While the game has tactical elements it is also meant to be fast-paced combat with constantly changing environments to keep the players on their toes and use their equipment to the best of their ability. The aim is to make the playing team work together on a much larger scale. Games are 4v4 all the way to 36v36 with an aim to go up to 50v50. During early stages, we got the interest of publishers and investor but we must get the project to a stage where a full level, enemies and abilities work similar to a slider or we get it to an Early Alpha stage.

Tense atmosphere.
High poly (realistic tone)
First person viewpoint.
Dynamic weapon damage and projectiles
Realistic VFX
Dynamic environments with weather
Customisable weapons and characters
Customisable vehicles
Intense game modes with story driven elements
Possible VR/AR support

Team Name:
HatchFox Studios

Team Structure:
(some devs and artist are not listed due to contracts)
Core Team:

Sasha Horan (Founder, Project Lead & Game Designer)
Domenic D’Accardo (Technical Director)
Leon Priestley (Producer)
Niche (Sound Design)
(3D Modeller)
(Concept Artist)

Previous Work:
None as a team many have worked on other projects including some outside of the game industry. Can give example upon PM.

Talent Required:
(Not all requirements have to be met)

Unreal Engine 4 Developer (1-4)
Expected to work with other developers to create code/blueprints, work with assets in-engine and create core mechanics for the player to experience.

UI/UX Designer (1)
Create dynamic UI within the in-engine or around it make assets for the developer to use and immerse the player.

Software Engineer (1-2)
Work outside of the in-engine (although you are allowed to) create software programs to support the games player base, distribution and more. Mostly work on creating a Launcher and similar system.

Marketing/Community Manager (1)
Work with the development team and keep up to date to inform and build a community, monitor and update websites and social media pages, create a marketing plan.

3D Modeller (1-3)
Create small assets from crates to weapons and small pieces of equipment used by players will work with another artist.

3D Character Artist (1-2)
Create characters and their armour for players to choose from will work with another artist.

3D Vehicle Artist (1-2)
Create vehicles and variants for the player to choose from will work with another artist.

3D Animator (1-2)
Rig and create animations for the developer to use common animations will be for use of equipment, vehicles and special weapons

Level Designer (1-2)
An experienced level designer that can use assets to create realistic environments for the player to experience this includes bootleg skills (screenshot worthy) and will work alongside developers and artist for optimization and creative touch will not need to make assets experience in advanced lighting, blueprints and weather/day-night cycle is a massive bonus.

Environment Artist (1-2)
An artist that can create organic and some hard surface model that will be used within a level and place by the level designer most of the assets are customs made according to design, art and feedback are given by other developers will be closely working with modellers, developers and level designer.

We are also open to other positions and if you have some feedback or would like to know more please let us know.


Priority E-mail: sasha@hatchfoxstudios.com
Skype: sasha.horan235
Discord: Sasha#6104
Forum PM
Contact Through Social Media Pages or Website

To Apply

Priority E-mail: sasha@hatchfoxstudios.com
Skype: sasha.horan235
Discord: Sasha#6104
Forum PM
Contact Through Social Media Pages or Website

Remote, Royalty
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