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Detailed description of weapons that protagonist will have at her disposal.

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This standard police non-lethal handgun earned its name thanks to the hammer shape which looks like a butterfly's wing, and almost completely soundless shots that is achieved by utilizing silenced ammunition rather than suppressor. Bullet is a capsule that shatters upon hitting any surface without dealing any serious damage. Capsule contains active substance that starts to evaporate very quickly when contacted with air, forming a small cloud of gas without color or smell. When the gas contacts with skin, or gets inside the respiratory system, it puts victim into sleep for a couple of minutes. There are special implants that reduce sleep duration caused by the gas to several seconds. Some illegal variants of the pistol ammo also exist - they are lethal and utilize poisonous active substance instead of sedative one. Persons with gas masks and well covered skin, as well as MiA soldiers (even without survival kits) are immune to any gas the pistol can deliver.

AC9-MB RAVEN rifle

AC9 MB RAVEN rifle

Named after the magazine shape and color that reminds a raven wing, the assault rifle was designed for precision shots on middle and large distances even in full auto mode. It can utilize special armor-piercing ammo capable of penetrating all light and medium personal armor variants. Alternatively, it can use standard ammunition with great stopping power but useless against even light armor. The rifle is wide spread among military forces and special police units. It's perfectly balanced and reliable, but completely useless against heavy armor like ballistic shields, blast suits, or MiA soldier skin, even when firing armor-piercing projectiles.

TD30 MOLOT shotgun

TD30 MOLOT shotgun

This monstrous armament deserved it's name (which is translated as "sledgehammer") due to it's combat capabilities. Shotgun fires 30mm combined slugs outfitted with armor-piercing cores and thermal charges that can easily penetrate any personal armor, blast suit, ballistic shield, and even MiA soldier armor layers or light armored vehicles. The slugs' high mass also provides great stopping power, but limits the weapon effective range. This weapon doesn't require much care and can operate perfectly in any aggressive environment, underwater, in space, and even after usage as an actual sledgehammer. But in addition to low effective range it has one more disadvantage - extremely strong recoil. There are numerous known cases of broken arms among unprepared shooters.

APM-4LT blast charge

APM 4LT blast charge

This is a hacked variant of standard military anti-personnel tripmine, and detonates in 5 seconds after activation. The original variant utilizes smart motion detector that can identify if the target in range is hostile or friendly to initiate detonation or prevent it. The mine is surprisingly light and extremely deadly. It can be attached to almost any flat surface and remain there for as long as needed. Outfitted with hardware safeguard that doesn't allow detonation while not attached to something, the mine mostly used for urban warfare, as it requires additional components to be planted in wild areas where it's hard to find appropriate flat surfaces. The mine also has non-lethal modification that contains sedative gas capsules instead of explosive payload.

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