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Artists located USA.

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Skilled artists needed for a background wallpaper for a game. We will use this for promotional art as a test to see if anyone is interested in a game like this, the job may not pay well (Only the payout of the final project will decide the pay) All and any work is appreciated if you have any questions e-mail Multibrosofficial@gmail.com.

If you decide to quit mid-project you get NO cut as in you only get paid if you stick until the end. The reason I go here is because I know the quality from these people and trust this website from all the great games.

The art is going to be a spy skydiving out of a chopper holding a revolver with a large zoom scope, The second art is a man behind a wall and above him (cutting through the floor) on the roof are cops talking and a third picture is a man smashing through a window holding a pistol with a silencer and a zoomed scope.

The art is for a project as a stealth game (Name to be decided). My one requirement is my voice is not to be revealed and messages are to be used only to talk.

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Send a resume to MultiBrosofficial@gmail.com

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