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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by Unstable Design on

Hello there!

Unstable Design is a start-up indie development team looking for a world/level for 2D Open-World RPG. Generally, we aren't specifically looking for designers with previously shipped titles. We look to not only make a great game, but get that "Previously Shipped Title" qualification on your resumé so you can move on to bigger and better things if you so desire. We are looking to bring in just one designer to work with us on this game.

No need to relocate. The only real requirements we have are devotion, a passion for games, and great communication skills...and knowledge of world and level design.

In terms of payment, you won't be paid during development. However, you will be given a significant percentage of profits. More details on that once brought on to the team. Please email me for any inquiries you may have and don't hesitate to tell me what experience you may have, show us samples, or a portfolio of your work. We look forward to hearing from you all! Thank you for your time.

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Contact me at justicesilfies.live@yahoo.com

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