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Posted by VorxistInteractive on

Vorxist Interactive is looking to hire an UE4 Programmer, Level Designer, Character Modeler and Technical Artist on their project: Yesterday Never Ends. The development will be built in Unreal Engine 4 environment. This will be a challenging project as it incorporates a lot of features which have not been done before (at least to our knowledge) as well as the scale of the project. We look to hire experienced personnel but if you have a strong resume and portfolio we would love to talk! Being able to problem solve and critically think will be essential due to the complexity of the project as previously stated.

If you have the necessary skill set that we require, we shall compensate you based on performance and ability to deliver on deadlines.

Must be able to download and use Slack for sms/mms/im/communication purposes. (Both Computer and Mobile Phone)
Must be able to use the required software systems for your position.
Must own (or have license) for the software that you will be using for the position.
Minimum of 85% proficiency with the English Language.

*Positions Available*
Level Designer - (UE4, Blender, Maya, SpeedTree... etc.) *1-2 years minimum experience*

UE4 Progammer - (C++ preferred) *2 - 4 years minimum experience*

Character Modeler - (Photorealism, Realism) *1-2 years minimum experience*

Technical Artist - (Asset Artist, Concept Artist, Model Artist, Level Artist, graphic artist) (Middleman between Programmer and Level Designer) (responsible for working with level designer to create stunning visuals, work with programmer to have them push the limits of the engine, environment and what is all around possible for the game) *2-5 years minimum experience*

Position descriptions as stated above:

*Level Designer - As the lead level designer of this project, you all be tasked with creating the world in which our players will experience. You will be tasked with creating a photorealistic world the likes of which have yet to be seen from an Indie Developer. You will also be tasked with creating custom assets that fit our storyline. You will be working closely with our Technical artist who will help you create assets, develop the world

*Unreal Engine 4 Programmer - A C++ competent coder who has experience with Unreal Engine 4. Some of your project will include: drivable vehicles, Cell phone in game, Complex AI development, among other features to be disclosed.

*Character Modeler - Will be responsible for creating the characters that will be used in game. These models will need to be done in Photorealism (realism). We are trying to make a very life like game, so we need our characters to match this. As long as the files can be integrated into UE4 and meet the Quality Standards we set, you can use any software available to you. (We will not provide you with the software)

*Technical Artist - Will be responsible for doing the concept art, graphic art, working with the level designer to push the graphics also will work with the programmer to push the limits of the engine, vehicle and character movement to create a seamless immersion experience.

**This game will run at 60fps.

***This game will be published for play on: Windows, macOS, Steam, Xbox One (and future console), PS4 (and future console).

**** We are looking to fill positions for the long term (minimum 2-4 years), this project may take up to two years to complete. We are not looking for freelance help unless you are looking to work on a project long term.

To Apply

If you believe you have what it takes to become part of the Vorxist Interactive team, please send resumes and portfolio to Tom at Vorxistinteractive@gmail.com. We will work together as a family (team), you will become friends with your co-workers as this will create a much better workflow. Please keep this in mind if you are unwilling to try to befriend your co-workers. (You must be willing to sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), in order to learn more about the project).

Please make sure to title your email what position you are applying for.

If you have skills that you do not see listed here or do not meet our qualifications, do not hesitate to send us an email describing why you think you are fit for a position!

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