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hello my name is jara and I am making a game with around 6 others.

Most people of the team are kind of inactive for some reason, but I believe that is temporary though just to be sure we are looking for new members. right now we are updating the artwork of the game, so mainly focussing on the UI artwork and the animations. We are also looking for someone who will update the dialogue art.

Someone is making a base for the animations now, since we have 8 girls which will all idle, walk, run, jump, punch and die. but we also need a lot of other animations for enemies and other NPCs, attack with weapon animations and magic abilities for the girls. and also other animations that have to do with the story. We are focusing on 2 girls right now for the demo. for the rest the team we have someone busy with the UI art (like healthbar, inventory windows, entername window, buttons, etc.), but she doesn't have much time to work on the game.

Someone is working on updating the dresses and weapons we made (the girl that also drew the characters of the game), an active programmer which I am sure I can count on, an illustrator (she's also active and in the team for quite a while), sound designer, someone who does a little bit of pixel art, animation and illustration (right now busy with an illustration for the game) and a writer.

It's a revenue share project, meaning we will share the profit with the active team members (currently about 6) when the game is finished and we are going to sell it. Same goes for the donations of the website we are going to make. the money we are making is going to be shared equally between the active team members. we'll set up the website when all the art is updated and we got the combat system for the 2 characters ready (we are focusing on only 2 characters now, in total there are 8 you can chose from). we also are working hard on updating the UI art and adding some extra features.

these are the 8 characters right now:
Platform: PC.
Engine: Unity.
Language: C#.
Genre: Fantasy Action RPG.
Map: Isometric.

the game has 8 playable characters. each with a different element, weapon and story:
- girl1: light, sword and shield.
- girl2: poison, daggers.
- girl3: fire, katars.
- girl4: blood, scythe.
- girl5: nature, lance.
- girl6: ice, instruments.
- girl7: thunder, bow and arrow.
- girl8: dark, two handed sword.

the game is about two writers. the first people (like adam and eve, only in god form). one of them has the power of space, and one of them the power of time. the space writer made a world where people lived with free will, but the time writer decided to take it from them and discarded the space writer from time. but what he couldn't expect was that she left traces of her in the shape of cloaks (the cloaked figures). one day 8 different girls, 4 sets of twins find a book. before this happened, they wrote a story that predicted what was going to happen. though they were unaware of this being a prediction (they just thought they were writing a story). the book they found leads them to a world in between heaven and hell. the beginning of the everything in space and time. this is where the two writers are. those girls were the only ones with free will in the world where they came from, although they didn't notice, everything else around them is fake. the girls have all landed in a different "world" of the book. in each world, everything seems broken and shattered, while the inhabitants are waiting for a hero to save them. this is all made up by the time writer to mislead them. eventually they end up in a cave. they see their twins are in the opposite world. they meet the cloaked figure and he will grant the girls choices once in a while. depending on which choice you make the outcome of the story will be different. the goal for the girls is to find each other and combine their powers to stop the writers. but to find each other they have to make the right choices.

the title screen is done (already for a while) so that's all I can show. the rest we are still working on to update. we are working on the game for 1 year but we've just started updating everything a month ago.
link to title screen:
we are still working on a few bugs inside the editor like the quality of the main window sprite and other stuff in the character selection window. reason im not showing the "options" and "credits" window is because the quality of the window sprite is really bad there. we're working on fixing it though.

though if you'd like to see how it looks so far I can show you, but keep in mind A LOT needs to be changed and that its not the way it will end up looking. also, the pixel artists we have in the team now are quite experienced. so you don't have to worry about anything being underwhelming because it will end up looking good we're just busy with it. every artwork in the game except for the title screen can be seen as a placeholder. though, the title screen will be updated too a little: we will add a feature that the girls do a sort of majestic ballerina dance when they get selected. we already have the wip for the animation, it just needs to be shaded properly.

also if anyone who sees this message would like to see the document related to the gameplay and full story summary, you can always email me and ask.

I am 21 years old and don't have a proper job yet. I would like to become a pixel artist later in the future and help my team mates out with the game, but at the moment I am stuck in my country where you HAVE to finish high school to do any kind of study. I am planning to move to Australia with my boyfriend next year, but right now I will have to wait because it's a huge step and my parents want to be certain I would be able to live on my own in a far away country (I live in the west of europe). Teaching myself pixel art is difficult for me and I would like to have a game with good quality artwork. I am trying to improve my pixel art also with this game. Reason I really want this game to work, and I am so dedicated to it is because it is my passion to make games and every time any progress is made it really makes me happy. Also because I just love to see my designs and ideas to be in a game. I will always be able to help you making it visible what you'll have to draw, and I will keep you updated about the final outcome. But I can't make it look "pretty" enough to be in a game. But if you have any ideas for the game yourself, they'll be highly appreciated.

(and for the story, I don't want to forget to thank everyone who ever helped with the game for your ideas)

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if you are interested in helping or have any questions, don't hesitate to email to: jarafee@hotmail.com

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