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Artists located Anywhere.

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I'm currently working on Westward ( Dynetisgames.com ), a multiplayer online game where the players have to collaborate to conquer and settle a continent. Here is the link to a still very basic yet functional demo: Westward-prototype.herokuapp.com .

The development is going well, but the demo is starting to outgrow the placeholder assets I've been using so far. I'm hoping to find someone who would be interested by the project and willing to contribute to it by making a small amount of pixel art.

More specifically, I'd be interested in sprites of buildings to use in the game (5 images would be sufficient for the moment, more or less 500x500, much more precise details will be provided if interested). The demo features a few buildings already but they do not correspond at all to what I need.

I have in mind something in the same vein as the buildings in Moonlighter but I'm very open and interested in discussing the art direction with the artist and leaving considerable freedom.

There is no hard deadline as the game is still far from completion and I'm asking free stuff anyway. Therefore the time horizon can be discussed.

Full credit will be given on the website of the game and in the credits section of the game itself.

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Send an e-mail to jerome.renaux@gmail.com

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