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Posted by RokyRoky on

I am looking for a talented Unity programmer for a 2d casual mobile game that I am developing.
The Game: The game play is simple and based on a widely popular proven concept.
Platforms: the game will be designed for smart phones and tablets, if possible we will release it for Web too.
The Team: I am the entrepreneur, designer and producer of the game. I have assembled a team of one passionate artist (with me), one novice animator (with me), one sound developer (remote), and two voice artists (remote). I need a programmer to complete the team.
You will have to help me with the following
1. Guide the artist to design the graphics assets at an appropriate resolution and aspect ration so that the game runs smoothly on major mobile phones and tablets.
2. Integrate sprite sheets (the animator will design the sprite sheets).
3. In app ads and in app purchase integration.
4. Facebook, Twitter social media integration.
5. Leaderboard integration.
6. Debug the code, as bugs are discovered during playtest.
7. Help me publish the game on Google Play (Android). If the game performs well, I have plans to publish it on iOS.
You should have
1. Experience and mastery of Unity.
2. Know C#,
3. Preferably have a computer studies background.
Budget: I have a small budget of $1000 for the game. $500 for the programmer, $200 for the sound developer, $150 for the voice actor, $30 for Google Play registration. The artist and the animator are with me. I will pay them accordingly.
Please do not send an offer if you are a company.
I made the post to discover wonderful dependable people, so that for this and future projects I will have good people to work with.
Thanks for reading. And Good luck.
With good wishes,

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