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Web/Other located Anywhere.

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Hello, I am trying to start a team, and I am looking for others who might be interested in joining. This as I mentioned would be a new team so right at the moment I am looking for those who like making games as a hobby or trying to gain experience and add to their portfolio. Although, this may change over time to rev-shares and such but I believe in having a reputation and audience with free games before doing so by starting with small projects at first leading to larger projects. However all credit for work will be listed in game.

Beyond this, I am looking for all positions since I am currently the only one (writer). Below are a few ideas/concepts to what we could work on in the future if you were to join. Furthermore, I must add that these ideas are just few of many that could be brought to life with your help.

Horror (Untitled):
A Pac-Man style game with a twist. With similar mechanics as this classic game, the game will take place in a apocalyptic setting where you are the survivor attempting to evade the dangers that lurk the world around you. As you progress, the level difficulties and complexities will increase, as well the dangers and story. However, in the end the question is, will you make it through the horrors or fall into eternal silence?

Beyond The Forest:
You the player head to Singrove Forest for a private camping trip in hope to get away from the stresses of life and to enjoy the beauty of nature. This comes to pass as you find a peaceful location and set up camp. As nightfall comes, shooting stars could be seen passing above you. That is until one crashes into the earth not too far away from your campsite. You go to investigate the crash only to discover a horrific creature rise from the site and discovers your presence and begins chasing you. You run through the trees to escape but become lost with no idea where your camp was before. However you care less if you find it and your goal is to just get out of here. With survival in mind, you journey to multiple locations from watchtowers, caves, a mysterious cabin, and more while discovering the secrets that lie within Singrove.

Two Among The Dead:
You play as one of two brothers in this story. You and your brother have been surviving the zombie apocalypse for a long time until you both hear over a radio broadcast, that any survivors should make their way to Sanctuary; a safe zone from the dead. However, the journey is not easy since the location is miles away from your current location. Not only that, you have to solve puzzles as well determine killing the undead and how which could lead to consequences, and puzzles on how to evade very dangerous situations, such as survivor encounter, blocked pathways, and surviving a horde. This game would allow you to play alone or with a friend.

As you can see, these are mainly horror based. However, I am not limiting the team to just this genre or a style. I am also thinking of expanding to other genres and other genres of gaming from rpg, classic arcade, mmo, clicker, point and click, interactive, first person, third person, etc.

If you are interested in joining the team be it artists, designers, musicians, programmers, and even writers; don't hesitate to send me a message with portfolios of your works and any past experience or no experience depending on who you are, and we can see where we can put your expertise in the team be it the ideas listed previously or possible other projects that could take place (hoping to have several projects being done simultaneously if having a great turnout of volunteers). I also recommend having Discord since that will be the main platform where everyone will be working on and be able to collaborate.

To Apply

Apply on discord @ kazonking#3911 with position you are applying for with possible portfolios.

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