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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by Anywhere on

Hello we are bulding a FPS game

in this game we will focus on movements, abilitys and make it more flexibilty then others fps games.

right now we have a Combat system, online network, Smart AI bots, Demo test features with ui, 2 weapons that will we change for real assets later on.
we have a climbing system so character can move around easy.

next up i will focus on the roll around and hide behind things.

Here is a demo of character ai bot (not that smart) but im working on it :)
We are on stage one ther we have combat system ready.

we are need a of a level designer to make one or two maps was thing about a space level. and 2d/3d designer for sketch our characters and make them 3d with animations. But everyone is welcome to join and help us build this together.

I got this idea from playing CSGo and ghost in a shell that they dedcide to shutdown. So now im working on my own version with new story. And togheter we can create a great game.

But nothing is free everyone needs payment so when we have more content we will look for investors and add our project to kickstarter.com to get funds.

We are focus this game for both ps4 and PC.

I will delivery all programmering that is needed for this game.

our goal is to get a beta on steam until summer 2018.

if youre instrested in this project youre welcome to contact us.

and Remeber everyone is welcome to help up :)

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