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Level Designers located UK.

Posted by Anywhere on

I am looking for a story designer and world builder for my upcoming open world text based roleplaying game Realms of Ashjana. The role will involve expanding the lore from the initial story ideas I have already set in stone, as well as using the world builder tool I created to build the open world.

Tasks required:

Expanding the game lore
Designing the world map using my map generator
Building the world using the Realms of Ashjana World Builder tool, which operates as a level editor and content editor (items, npcs, quests etc)
Pitching ideas for new gameplay mechanics and providing conceptual designs

Ideal experience:

Building fantasy worlds for roleplaying games such as D&D campaigns
Logical thinking skills for puzzle design


Minimum 2-3 hours per week discussing developments in the story and changes to the world

Revenue share is offered and negotiable with the confirmed distribution platform for the game being Steam, and potentially others to gain more outreach.

To Apply

Send an email to yourstandardkid@hotmail.com

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