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Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by beyondxbirthday2015 on

Hi. I'm Ryuzaki. I'm a composer whose leading the creation of Dream Scape.

Dream Scape will be a RPG/side scroller/beat em up in which the player takes control of Ritz (or whatever name the player inputs) and will have to face demons, angels, his four greedy siblings, and even the devil himself in a modern day world dealing with the ancient burdens of war between humans and demons.

Story: The game opens with the player giving a name to Ritz, who has just now turned 18 and must leave the orphanage he grew up in. The founders of the orphanage, with the help of the government, gives Ritz an appartment and a part time job at a local super market. Ritz says his farewells to his friends and starts his adventures in the real world. All is normal until the day the orphanage catches on fire by an unknown entity...well demons. Join Ritz in his adventure to save the world!

Over world sprites: will be in the style of a birds eye RPG with a style similar to maple story. The character and monsters will have anime looks to them.

Battle sprites: will look more like the Mega Man X games where the sprites will appear taller and more defined.

I'm not super picky but I do ask that your skills at digital be at least intermediate..

Right now the project is none but after a demo is made I plan to launch a kick starter . if the campaign is successful I will gladly put some coin in my team's pocket! Or I'd also be willing to trade some skills, such as me composing for your game if you draw for my game.

To Apply

Hit me up at thecakelies2015@gmail.com

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