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Posted by NEWT Industries, Inc. on

Alright men, this is only last thing before I get up. So, I'd like to say about the animation style, I had to make a sprite and edit it on asesprite and this all finished. But soon enough, I need you to make animations good again, 12 frames per second.

And of course if the player jumps on another player, makes him like a trampoline! and even looking up while camera moves up, waving his elelistic arms to develop air to glide and even more majestic things to what I want.

So, first I'm working my game "Crack" the Original and soon later the sequels. But of course I don't know about that. These things are getting stranger right now. But first I've recreated from the sonic-like sprite to bigger and would had 12-frames per second animation compared to Original SNES Games and Sega Genesis.

But right now also I'm a animator too but it's gonna be bad sometimes. So because my lazyness right now. But soon Ive got a little things to make it like converting the fully-drawn animation into pixels. Have you watched how they make a game for genesis? please find out how they make a game, sound, animation and even more than ever!

(Note: They're animating with paper! if you want also with photoshop or flash! and pixelate it!).

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