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Management located Anywhere.

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Location – Online (Travel as required)

IMU Studios is looking to fill the starring role of Video Game Executive Producer. This position is responsible for overseeing all phases of development for game development projects from the concept phase through release and beyond.

What if something world-changing was only largely possible by your response to this position?

You are the man! (Or the women!) You are the one responsible for connecting our vision with our potential, and the reality of our market success. You are on the phone, online, and meeting face to face. Connecting with video game publishers, potential Investors, potential partners, corporate backing alliances, with team leads, getting them all to commit, and focusing everyone on the goals of this powerful vision.

As the primer of the money pumps, focused on securing the cash to flow early, you draw wages first. Until the company is funded for ‘paid development’, you to will commit to the same Agreement as our precious game development team. Reasonable expenses are aided, however, understand your goal is to lock the key financial players in early and often to secure not only your own way, also the team’s financial security so we can hire for what is needed to complete our projects for the market.

Executive Duties

Business direction and guidance, cash flow and strategic Marketing Plan implementation.

Pitch and showcase the project. Filter the vision down to 3-to-5 top bullet points. Create and share the short Elevator version. Attend video game shows and conferences and set up in advance all of the pre-meetings with potential publishers, potential development partners, high-level marketing relationships, to produce outstanding results. The good news is we have all of that set out already in the design. Your job is to narrow the focal point.

Establish and schedule realistic milestones and budget forecasts.

The Executive Producer is responsible to review and approve project milestones and related payments to keep the project on track.

The Executive Producer is responsible for the identification, selection, negotiation and ongoing management of internal game developers and external third parties. THE EP ensures the highest quality game objectives are delivered to meet milestones, budgets and schedules.

This position manages a team of game producers, at various levels, and maintains oversight of all projects handled by leads ensuring the identification and communication of product goals, project progress, quality, and to limit any risks.

The Executive Producer manages project communication reporting directly with our stakeholders and executive management, as well as external stakeholders (Investors, Partners, etc.)

Ensure a strong link with our marketing partners and gaming influencers to position all products effectively with consumers.

Work to manage the day-to-day needs of our studios, leads and teams. Provided high-level leadership to the development team and manage our development team’s relationship with the potential publisher(s) and/or distribution chains.

Direct and manage the flow of product from development through gameplay, Localization, QA, to operations for mass distribution. Monitor and assist the development team with financial, creative, and developmental issues.

Collaborating with all team leads to develop a character-based Sci-fi, high-fantasy, first-person action, with role-playing elements, using the Unreal 4 Engine for PC. Directing and Managing developers; expanding our open-world level prototype, as designed.

Ability to discover the yeses, the motivations to get those agreeing responses, and the patients to enlist people in our movement.

Act as liaison for Investor and Partner Relations.

Key Traits

Communication & Diplomacy
Creative Problem-Solving
Management & Organization
Initiative & Follow Through
Excellent Sense of Humor

About the Company

Before we fund, we need to identify our leadership. TEAM leadership is a going concern for our Investors and Partners, and we need to lean on your credentials as you will lean on this visionary game design to become its hero.

IMU Studios is working to harvest a fresh revolution in the video game industry. Our game design is meant to shake up and disrupt our competition to the core. Drawn from what gamers believe is going in the wrong direction. Early tests revealed that we have unique original gameplay that gamers find attractive, and addictive to be loyal to long-term.

As advised by Amazon, we openly share our game development process in our live-streams and at anticipated reveal events with our team, testers, and partners. Where game development was once hidden, IMU pulls back the veil and shares our process. Gamers come to know our team, following and commenting on every stage as the game is created. Our community is closely engaged and their feedback considered in each aspect of game development, thus putting this epic vision directly into our players’ control.

Our AAA project has both a mobile item exchange application design and a fresh and exciting AAA FPS 3D game that work together in harmony. IMU Studios is a start-up company owning a mature Intellectual Property. This is made up of a thoughtfully-designed first person open world video game with RPG elements, a pro-league seasonal playoff system, a deep story as told across novels, adding stories told around the campfires in the game. Planned animated graphic novel series, virtual goods players can buy, sell and trade, all set to original music. Together, we are making a thrilling prototype drawn from our design, our lore and our characters, all built on this beautiful Unreal Video Game Engine.

IMU Studios was founded in September of 2000 when game developer Robert Strutin’s market research revealed fresh opportunities in the video game industry that crossed market lines. Our home studio is nestled in the beautiful inspiring mountains of British Columbia Canada, with active Team Members contributing worldwide. Our expert team of game developers and artists are passionate about their craft and producing profound entertainment experiences. Our mission is to create exhilarating video games that enrich your life and empower you as players. We help gamers earn a profit on every purchase.

To Apply

Apply at iPlay@iPlayMore.com

Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you would like to join.