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Posted by Ptolemy Design on

Payment method: revenue share

I'm looking to form a partnership or small group to work on a game I currently have in pre-production. It is a 2D pixel art menu based puzzle sandbox builder, in which tools are used in real time to interact with a variety different elements. Art assets will be original pixel art. I am specifically looking for a programmer, preferably someone experienced with using c# in Unity.

This game places an emphasis on UI/UX, and most closely resembles other menus based puzzle games, such as Papers Please! and some of Zachtronics' earlier 2D games.

I strongly encourage you to check out the games referenced in this post. I prefer to be a bit abstract about it, to keep this under wraps until it's further developed. The references aid in conveying what types of mechanics you can look forward to working on should you join the team. This game is a tribute to an old and forgotten game, but with a modern take on its mechanics, and some additions I think will take it to the next level.

Tasks will include:
- Prototyping of designs
- Implementation of 2D puzzle mechanics
- Implementation of AI systems
- Implementation of 2D sprites and animations

Unity tools I see us using for the project include the Line Renderer, Trail Renderer, its 2D animation and sound tools, its particle system... I'm probably forgetting or ignorant of a few, but I'm sure you, as a programmer, can sort that out, or of course we can always brainstorm it out.

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Email resume or work example to ptolemydesign@gmail.com.

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