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This job was posted over 30 days ago. This means the position is now most likely filled & no longer available.

Artists located Anywhere.

Posted by |MasterBlaster| on

Casevac Studios is looking to hire Cryengine V Programmers, Level Designers, Character Modelers and animators on our new project. The engine we will use is the Cryengine V free engine. This will be a small project as so it should not take longer than a year to complete. We look to hire personnel who can do what it takes to finish such a project! Experience with Cryengine is a huge bonus as the engine is quite complex. Being able to problem solve and critically think is needed to finish our project. Casevac Studios is a newly started indie dev team who are willing to take anyone to wish to work for us on board. Revenue will be split based on your work after the games release. Any applicant must be willing to work at least 8 hours a week. (Level Designers, Programmers) No experience is required, but it is a bonus.

If you have the necessary skill set that we require, we shall compensate you based on performance and ability to deliver on deadlines.

-Must be able to use the required software systems for your position
-Must own (or have license) for the software that you will be using for the position
-Be proficient in English

*Positions Available*
Level Designer - (Cryengine, Blender, Maya, SpeedTree... etc.)

Cryengine Progammer - (C++/c# preferred)

Modeler - (Humanoids, Characters, objects, weapons... etc.)

Any Artist - (Asset Artist, Concept Artist, Model Artist, Level Artist, graphic artist) (Middleman between Programmer and Level Designer) (responsible for working with level designer to create stunning visuals, work with programmer to have them push the limits of the engine, environment and what is all around possible for the game)

To Apply

Apply for the job by sending an e-mail to joachimthomassen@hotmail.com

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