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Posted by The.white.snake on

Salutations gentleman,

Do you want to fill up your portfolio with eye-catching yet easy animated models? Are you interested in animating models which can be the key drivers to fascinate hirers?

If your answers are yes then you have come to the right place, for we are looking for an animator who can animate our cute Pokémon models. Pokémons are loved worldwide and are comparatively easier to animate. You can be sure to get many people interested in you just by these cute little creatures. Give me some couple of minutes and I will briefly describe you what benefits you will be getting in the next few weeks if you work with us.

A quick description about us - We are a group of young determined developers seeking to bring our dreams from childhood into reality. Mostly every Pokefan dreams of playing a 3D Pokémon world that brings back his memories of childhood. We are here to do just that. We all are already having a good deal of experience and can prove to be a worthy team.

We are now determined to make a 3D Pokémon game with its deviating features. The details of the game aren’t publically announced but I won’t mind sharing some if you ask for. The coding part is almost done and now we wanted to get hold of a bunch of animated Pokémon models. There won’t be any monetary rewards since Pokémon is the sole right of Nintendo. I assume the animations are quite simple and you would enjoy making them. This is a great opportunity to upgrade your resume/portfolio with least effort. It is believed that the most important aspect in an artist’s impression is his portfolio. What more can an artist require that dozens of cute pokemons filing up and making his portfolio beautiful? We already have models ready to be animated. Note that we may also need character animation at the moment since that is not completely done it. One more thing, most of our team talks in Portuguese so it will be good if you know that language(I don't know it though haha) I have shared some models below.





Let me know what you think of this offer and if there can be some talks we can have. I can be reached at my mail id – thewhitesnake000@gmail.com.

Looking for a lively talk with you. Thanks for your prestigious time.

Have a nice day!

To Apply

Just send me a brief mail on my email id thewhitesnake000@gmail.com. It would be appreciated if you would attach a portfolio.

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