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Alright, Guys I have to plan to begin my Sonic mania mod Called "Crack Mania" which replaces Sonic with Crack, however this was only my plannnig project for the 40th anniversary of Crack which launched around 1979 and his birthday 27th Febuary.

I'm looking for the tool that uses to make Sonic Mania mods to replace the Sonic's sprites and animate smoothly like this. Even I'm working on the project that was developed in the middle 90s, so was 1994 for the Original and 1995 for Ports. And has only not the smooth animation but only the classic animation which not does have 12 frames per second and sometimes like that in the SNES games or old Windows 95 games. So I have the Race to finish with someone who has the fictional character blue, Spiky, tall and MegaMan-esque. So I have only had to do to make it fully charged and ready to go to Put Crack on Sonic Mania as the Mod.

Don't worry, I don't have any sense about my wonderful plans isn't it? So please stay here because I don't have any company it's just a group alright?

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Contact: Komis405@Gmail.com

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