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Posted by Cratos911 on

Hi My name is Alex. I am in charge of a group of gamers much like those of you who view this ad. I am in search of a skilled Two Dimensional artist to help me design my game. You will be in charge of working on art projects with any other artists on the team. You, of course, will have a large creative swing to work with so you won't be completely limited to what we recommend but this position will require you to report everything you accomplish. This is only due to the lazy team I had in the past. But as we move forward I believe we will make great content! The work will all be on your own time, unless I have something time sensitive (which typically will pay more) but other than that, we are very laid back in everything we do.

The Project we are currently working on is called busted and it's a game about a kid who stole, and is now driving a tank, out to get some sweets. We are still in the early stages of development so any creative criticisms you have will be considered. But I can promise more work in the future, and everything is Project based pay for the Art and Music and stuff, It will of course be the same for you, but If you have any questions please ask.

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