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Audio/Music located Anywhere.

Posted by Berian-Studios on

We are looking for a voice actress to bring to life one of the characters of the game "ExPlOiT".

We don't care about the experience, but we are expecting professionalism and responsibility. It might also a good idea if you had good place where to record the audios. It isn't needed you work for a certain amount of hours per week, if you do good quality records and you do what you are supposed to be doing.

The character you will represent is called SES, it is an AI that will sometimes interact with the player and also will help him at the beginning of the game (in the tutorial).

Right now there 50 lines planned for SES, but we are expecting at least to do 80 lines.

- Create audios from the script we have.
- Think and help in the creation of quotes and scripts.
- Be professional,communicate ideas and opinions.

*Note that we are looking for a actress. Also note that you will work from home, so we recommend you to have access to good a good quality place to record.

Thanks for reading!

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Send a message in Indie DB to this user: Berian-Studios
Send an email here: berianstudios@gmail.com
If you can, send us an audio with your voice.

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