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Programmers located Anywhere.

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My name is Giorgi Janiashvili, I'm 3D artist, looking for a developer/programmer partner for a slight artistic statement "action adventure" story oriented game project set in underground skeleton populated slight fantasy medieval world.

Searching for a reliable, motivated, passionate person who'll take this project, adopts it as their own child, and will be with it 'till the end, main duty being programming, responsibility - everything, like a true parent is for his/her child.


Sorry I'm bad at 2D composition...

Please no kids apply, and by kids I don't mean the age. This is very serious project for me.

Game is set in real-world inspired world and around such events, in byzantine influenced medieval culture (aka medieval Eastern European), only fantasy in a way that the game is set underground and skeletons are walking, otherwise - "realistic", no magic, nothing such fantasy, in this world everything should make sense, to easily describe the direction - "immersive sims" have been called such games (Thief, Arx Fatalis - rings a bell? Well, this project will share same basic mechanics and approach to game design) - everything should be felt natural, everything should have explanation within the game world, everything should have a function.

So please in the letter show me your portfolio, or describe me what are you capable of, include:

What do you think will be the best thing to do first for you as programmer.
What will be the best thing to do for us as a team.
Some overview of what and when we should do as a project overall.
Couple of examples of where and how as a programmer and as a co-head of the project would you take shortcuts to greatly save the time.
Which engine and why? (I've made the scene in Unity as I'm quite familiar with it and is absolutely easy, plus learning another one will take tremendous amount of time)


Tell me about how are you towards media (games are media in a way) which has certain statement towards certain kind of things and events in real life?

Because 1/2 of this game is about statement - slightly political, more of a social kind of statement, slightly cultural. One may disagree with this game at the very core. This game isn't offensive towards anybody, not intended to be at least, and I will be very disappointed if anybody gets offended in the end, but 5% of players gets mad on any game no matter what.

As for mechanics - it's first person game, with melee combat, no RPG elements, stealth system wishing to be akin to Thief - 3 or 4 phase AI alertness, detectability based on darkness, motion, and probably mimic of sound propagation; player can take objects, throw objects, destroy some of the objects, and such. Interaction with NPCs - talking to some.

Old style linear game (open levels, linear story). Player's character is not silent.


As for aesthetics - it's dark down there. Style - as realistic as we can but fitting to the thing we want to say, exaggeration mostly on characters only (i.e. skeletons) - based on their character.
Audio department - Exaggerated and memorable and catchy sounds' approach is my kind of thing, but lets hear from audio designer when we'll have one!

We'll figure out many things on the fly. And we will have to figure out about

As you probably have already sensed the game is meant to be finished as soon as possible, and thus everything is and will be based on 'time/quality' thorough the project, straight through fundamentals (all my decisions, including skeletons, underground theme and underground "cultures" have been so). You will have tremendous amount of work to be done, we all will have.

We should go above and beyond, but it's going to be worth it.


Questions are welcome!

Applications from particularly talented individuals of other specializations may also be considered. Please respond in a similar fashion.

Wish you all good luck and best of interest.
Eagerly awaiting for your letters!

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Please kindly send an email with subject "Replying to a programming job ad" to Janiashvili@protonmail.com

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