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Posted by Paolofix21 on


My name is Paolo, I'm an Italian boy who is cooperating with a team of passioned people to build a new intriguing game, but to do that we need some help. Right now we are looking for someone who is able to model 3D characters and texture them.

• Something about the project:
The project I am working at is already a work in progress. The game is an interactive story similar to Telltales' Studios or Quantic Dream's, but it has a Science Fiction setting with Fantasy elements. Since the story is branched, I can only tell that, in general, the plot is about this girl who is a which, but she feels like she doesn't belong neither to humans or to the magic world. She lives in a World where witches have to stay hidden 'cause they are being hunted down by unknown people. During the story she will discover her potential and to where she belongs.

• What I'm looking for:
- Able to model characters in a style not too realistic but neither too cartoony.(Something close to overwatch graphics)
- Able to texture the characters
- Any program you use is good as long as it is legally owned
- Able to work in team and to communicate

• Optional:
- Past experience in game making with other teams
- Rigging and weighting ability not required
- Experience with exporting ".fbx" file formats for Unity3D

Notice that this is a profit share position, if this doesn't scare you off then let me know if you're available and if you have any questions just ask.

P.S. We already have concepts ready to be modeled and some models are already being done by other members of the team, but your help would be appreciated! Thank you for your attention.

To Apply

If you're interested send me a portfolio so I can see some of your works. Here's my e-mail: paolofix.romano@libero.it

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