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Programmers located Anywhere.

Posted by ZeroNyxMaxwell on

Looking for a decent programmer who can make our idea reality. Any programming language/engine knowledge is fine, as long as you can actually use it decently, but we're aiming for a 2D RPG game here (details about the game idea below). The team is atm composed of 2 members:
Zero: I study chemistry irl. I'm working on plot, dialogues, music and game mechanics. I've studied music and piano since I was a child, and can read scores and compose music too, can use FL studio but I also use Musescore to keep track of the melodies and stuff (mainly an habit of mine). But I think my strong point is my gaming experience, which is almost total, and also a bit of programming in javascript, C++ and ruby made me understand how games works. Can speak English and Italian fluently, I'll also be in charge of translating the game once it's finished. About the story I thought (and I'm currently updating and writing), I have no idea whether it's gonna be good or no, since I have basically no experience in writing, but I'm working on it more frequently lately and realized I'm actually doing good. Of course I've asked for other people's opinion, and told me to continue. The only kind of experience I could have for this task, might come from all the books, movies, videogames and music I had to deal with until now, and I've also studied both English and Italian literature. For the records, I'm doing both the plot and the music stuff because they're connected and many times one inspires writing the other: if Finna shows me an artwork of something (ex a street) I asked her to draw I can make good music of it, and if I come up with a good piece I feel like writing situations that can use it.
Finna: she studies figurative arts irl, and her job is to make all the graphic stuff there is, from artworks to sprites. She's got talent, REALLY good at drawing and thinking of any kind of design, and can also use programs like Clip Paint Studio and Photoshop and draw on her professional graphics tablet (although this last one will only be useful for artworks ig). She's already made some sketches, and they look pretty cool (if you want to see them just contact me!).

And now, about the game I want to make: it'll be a 2D turn based rpg, similar to Pokemon: there'll be creatures to catch and train, and battles. But the mechanics are going to be a lot different, and it's going to be some kind of "realistic fantasy" while still being set in a modern world, and many of the features are required by the plot:
- There are 2 main characters, who have different teams. The player should be able to control both during a battle (like pokemon double battles, but with a partner/ally, one creature each), while controlling one of his choice in the overworld and making the other one follow him.
- These 2 characters should be almost always challenging enemies together, rarely battling alone. Also, there should be 2 kinds of battles: classic turn based battles where the fastest one acts first but creatures only make their move once (this will be the main one, against other "trainers" and in tournaments), and emergency battles (when put in a corner by a thug, for instance), which use a ATB system (like in Final Fantasy games), and the faster the creature is, the faster it can attack (ex if your creature's speed stat is double the enemy's, then you get to attack twice for every action the enemy takes).
- This game's focal point should be the plot, and I do not intend on making the player do story changing choices. Also, it's not going to be a child plot, strong and grim Real themes will be treated, such as rape (NO XXX CONTENT, IT'LL MOST LIKELY JUST BE MENTIONED, since the plot needs it, and the characters (not the 2 protagonists) involved are strongly touched by it), organized criminality, corruption. But this story is not going to be all about that: the main protagonists are a male and a female teenagers who go on a journey together, and while a lot of events occure, they will not lose their purpose.
- There will be bosses, treasures, secrets and places to explore, and quests too. Like in every rpg game.
- Every single feature will have an explanation related to the setting and the plot, in order to make this game as much realistic as possible, but it'll still be a game and it'll account that.

This is a serious project who's going to see the light one day. For now, it just needs a programmer, as I cannot concentrate on the other stuff if I have to do the programming too... basically, we need help. Some parts of the plot have already been written and are just being perfectioned every time I add details or change my mind about something, and some sketches have been made too by the artist.

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