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Level Designers located Anywhere.

Posted by curlymilton on

Basic Description:
"Meta-Genesis is a 1st person team based shooter centered around 2 teams battling it out in the middle of a war torn semi-realistic backdrop. It will be played out in rounds ( each player has (x) amount of lives during each round, if these lives are depleted before the timer hits 0 and neither team has won, then that player has to spectate until one of said conditions are met ), with certain objectives for each of the 2 teams to complete before time runs out. Although the game takes place generally in plausible semi realistic settings, the main focus is on action, with an emphasis on team play."

My name is Lance and I am a one man army as of right now. I have been working on a multiplayer Source engine mod for quite a long time and have released a kind of alpha for it at Moddb.com. My WIP design doc is there( instead of giving a long winded game description here, please check it
out ) as well as a bit of other info. I have gotten to a point where, I believe, there is some potential for great game play. I could continue on, spreading myself thin and making rudimentary models and levels while coding but...I just don't want that. I need other people with a different perspective. Someone who can take my game rules and go to an awesome place with them. My Steam acct is "||sp.booger||" if you'd like to add me. There is also a public Steam group with the name "Meta-Genesis" for folks who want to help play test and give feed back.

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Send links to your work to lancelouden@gmail.com or hit me on here\Steam

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