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Programmers located USA.

Posted by XVO Entertainment on

Hello! I am Mercy, I own XVO Entertainment, We are looking for artists, programmers, and alot more! You can contact me on Skype and Discord if you want to join us, we are trying to create one game but we really need help trying to setup a multiplayer server and network, if you know what that is and you think you can help, please help! We will give 30% profit to all people that can help us setup a multiplayer networking server, if you can not...

well you can do other things too! You can create art, make player models and item models, design the gravity, make the affects, and help us with items!

Here is where you can contact us:
Discord: Discord.gg
Twitter: XVO_Ent
Website: www.xvoentertainment.weebly.com

Our website is a bit, as you would say "cancer"

XVO Entertainment is currently in alpha for Operation: Takedown, if you would like to help us work on our project, we would be glad to accept you! We are currently looking for textures and we are going to make the map soon, then we are going to add the HUD and the menu, and then we are going to add items, scripts and other things like that
But you can get started on the GUI and the menu along with scripts too! We would love to take your ideas and help us, so if your just an idea guy, we would like to accept you too! Thank you!

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Thank you!

To Apply

Send a resume to Mercy | Soulcollector Commander on a private message to Discord

Skype: [optional]


Paypal: [Y or N]

Previous Experience: [optional, not needed]


Any Other Things: [Optional]


Good luck!

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