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Posted by Laerrus on

Hey, I am a life long artist, and I would like to make a fps/rpg 2d sprite based cyberpunk game.

We can share creative control over the general lore, and ideas, but if you just focus on coding a nice tight experience for the player, while I focus on massive amounts of art assets, and level design, if you want to do level design too, great, but not required.

Preference is for the Unreal 4 engine, it has nice lighting.

I work a normalish day job, and hopefully so do you. Steam green light is the goal. Once we get there we can split the profits with Valve.

I make music too, and can put together sounds.

You are big on the idea of many facets of customizations for the player and random gen of Npcs from a collection of assets I have built up.

Going for an old school but high def look, and a modern engine powering the world.

Players should be able to build characters of a wide variety of play styles, going for a classic Amiga style in depth game world and game play experience.

Maybe even leaving it totally non linear.

Very free form experiences, inside a complex world.

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Email me at stephenleviguptill@hotmail.com

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