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Posted by chris1428480333 on

I'm looking for a veteran artist that is multi talented to join with me as a long term partner. Although I started on a specific game recently, I'm more interested in finding the right fit.

I am one of the leading experts out there in realtime multiplayer games. I created the first open source platform for what is now the leading architecture model in this area. I have worked as a lead dev on close to a dozen successful multiplayer games, some realtime some not.

Basically, I can do what most indie teams can't, or at a minimum do it in a tenth of the time. So my strategic focus is complex multiplayer games, while finding ways to reduce complexity/cost in other areas.

The game is hard to describe without eliciting emotions I'd rather not, but oh well. The core encompasses a lot of what makes Eve Online tick, but with island and oceans. It's based on a real economy, with most of the gathering/crafting being more of a resource management game. And combat is land and sea based with sailing ships.

But it's not an mmo per say. It's a hybrid system that combines how games like Rust and Life Is Feudal work. It attempts to solve the problem of requiring a large active community for the game to be fun. Which most indie mmo's struggle with. Not enough space to go into that more here.

Right now the game is 'almost' playable. With some basic art in place we could start to market it within a matter of a couple of weeks at most. Although I'm willing to work at this on a nights and weekends basis, I'd rather not. So I do plan on making a marketing/funding push. I have some contacts in that area but no guarantees.

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